29 June, 2016. 15:45

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GREGOR MARTIN LIKES TO remain impartial politically, but he agrees that he can’t stand idly by while a government spends his tax dollars on frivolities like the Gonski Plan.

Penning an open letter to The Advocate, the 37-year-old lollipop man has voiced his outrage with both the incumbent government and the opposition for their blind faith in funding such a reckless reform to education.

While the Turnbull government as only promised to fund the first four years of Gonski, Labor has promised to fund the whole scheme – leaving many Liberal voting teachers in the lurch.

The letter reprinted in full:

31 June 2016.

Gregor F. Martin.

13 Riverboat Circut.

BETOOTA Q. 4482.

To Who It Conserns;

I have been paying tax ever since I was nearly a adult. They’res so manny more things that people like the government might be spending money on. Education isn’t much bucks for band if you know what it means. Do not think its not OK to spend THAT MUCH MONEY on education when there is the Chinese taking over, you know. FUCK. Anyway please pubish this note relating to the Goneski plan and DUM spending. Goneski is poysonous communist policey which would make Ben Chifly spin violently in his cold grave.



Prior to his release from prison in 2013, Mr Martin was politically active in the area. Neither political party wanted to be associated with the roadway professional after he was convicted of stealing a handful of soda charges from a local bargain shop.

He plans to run for the seat of Maranoa this weekend, despite not being on the ballot.

With additional reporting from The Courier-Mail.


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