14 September, 2015. 15:36

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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ORMER PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard has reportedly visited the openly-republican communications minister Malcolm Turnbull this morning after speculation over his leadership aspirations reached boiling point. Ms Gillard was seen walking the yard with the 60-year-old in his Point Piper enclave early this morning.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mr Turnbull was observed sharpening a toothbrush against the sandstone walls of his harbourside courtyard. In addition to those startling revelations, the bygone barrister has been attending classes at a combat gym in Double Bay where it’s heard he’s been taking it a “bit seriously”.

Speaking this morning through the maze of razor wire and cigarette smoke surrounding his front gate, Mr Turnbull was typically quiet on the matter.

“I’m willing to comment on anything to do with the leadership of the party, just not right now,” said Turnbull. “However, I’m not willing to rule out that there’s a possibility that one day I might be the prime minister. Just when that time is, is ultimately up to my party colleagues,”

Voters long for a sports-loving pro-business prime minister who supports premarital and interracial marriage. PHOTO: Supplied.
Voters long for a prime minister like John Howard, who was neither good nor bad. Just normal. PHOTO: Supplied.


Standing behind the communications minister was Julia Gillard, casually running a finger through her fringe. The unmistakable aroma of White Ox filled the air as she lit her fourth cigarette of the clandestine press meeting.

“Malcolm will be good and ready soon enough,” said Gillard, pointing her cigarette at a reporter. “I’m not new to this game, I know a thing or two about shanking somebody in a hallway.”

Time is running out for the Old Sydneian as the government looks to be flogged in the upcoming Canning byelection this Saturday, a somewhat grim forecast for the federal election next year.

“A lot can happen in a week,” said Turnbull.


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