Local woman, Claudia Harris (27), is from Melbourne.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Claudia says she really misses the coffee scene in Melbourne and the fierce Australian Rules tribalism that only really exists in Melbourne.

“Well, as someone who grew up in Melbourne, I often wonder why places like Brisbane and Sydney are so similar to eachother,”

“Like, I’m surprised that they don’t just splatter fluro coloured paint over abandoned back alleys, like they do in Melbourne,”

“In fact, the whole graffiti-slash-guerrilla art thing only really exists in Melbourne,”

“Like, I like Bondi and stuff, but Melbourne’s Italian community are pretty world-renowned for their restaurants,”

“Its a bit more European down there, I guess”

“Like in Prahan and Carltfilda”

“Actually Yarraswickroy is pretty similar to to Sydney, and some parts of Brisbane”

Despite living in Queensland since she was 18, Claudia often visits Melbourne and someday plans to move back to Melbourne. This is due to a range of reasons that people who aren’t from Melbourne don’t understand, mainly because you have to be from Melbourne to get it. Because its a Melbourne thing.

“The trams are definitely something I miss, like 24 hour transport is so important”



  1. Melbourne gives credence to the adage that if you tell a lie often enough people will eventually begin to believe that it is true. Melbourne folk actually believe that the boring dump they live in really is great.

  2. I want to know why there are very few dark eyed people on the Melbourne TV, all the news readers and social commentators have pale blue eyes, only Waleed Ali is the exception. Is there a covert discrimination going on for dark coloured eyes???

  3. Melbourne may not be the best city in the world (even if constantly being voted most livable) but it’s still years ahead of any other city in Australia. Sydney used to have a fighting chance but thanks to their lack in nightlife there’s no comparison.
    @Selki22.7 I don’t know where you’re pulling “boring dump” from, short of comparing it to a foreign city anyways…

  4. Grew up in Sydney, moved to Melbourne when I was 40. On just about every thing worth having, Melboure shits on Sydney.

  5. In response to Lynn, there are waaay more dark eyed people on Melbourne television than in other states, because urban Victorians (I stress URBAN here) embrace other cultures better than people in other states. This cosmopolitanism is reflected in how we vote in federal elections, the republican referendum and in other areas. It is just not reported much in the media. A assume you are interstate and don’t watch a lot of Melbourne local television? Like Channel 31? Or ABC shows filmed in Melbourne? (I say this as someone who has lived both in Melbourne and in other states).


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