24-hour gyms around Australia and the world have been humbled this week, following a large spike in big beautiful boys who have realised they are perfect just the way they are.

This comes as world boxing was rocked by Britain’s Anthony Joshuabeing put on his arse by America’s Andy Ruiz Jnr in front of a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden.

The US fighter claimed the IBF, WBA and WBO World Heavyweight titles, in what is being touted as a win for the big boys around the world – as a the notably out-of-shape Ruiz threw the goodnight in the seventh round.

However, while the win has done wonders for body positivity around the world – the fitness and wellbeing sector is today bleeding out memberships from big units who are now completely content with how they lack.

Chad Jock, a Newcastle-based personal trainer and spokesman for Anytime Fitness, says the entire industry is struggling to coerce the nation’s husky gents into maintaining a consistent exercise regime.

“We’ve had hundreds of calls from heavy-breathing roundies who are demanding we cancel their memberships” says Mr Jock.

“Some have even taken the delight in coming in here while eating a burger”

“They keep telling us it’s all diet and that they don’t need a gym membership to be the champ”


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