Local man, Mark Lathouris can’t wait to see the faces of his male family members when he rolls into the family Christmas in three days.

“It’s gonna be so good,” says the 28-year-old physio from the Diamantina Shire.

“Last year my cousin Rob stole the show with this little German number, he really outdid the rest of us. But I don’t think she’ll be making a return,”

Through the extended Greek-Australian family on his father’s side, Mark has just over 33 cousins – of which 23 are male.

“[Grandma] insists on this whole plus-one thing because she wants the neighbours to hear how big her family is. Some of my cousins are married up now, so it’s kind of up to the rest of us to fill the seats with some good sorts”

Mark knows that his plus-one won’t have to do much to stand in the artillery of nightclub acquaintances that his older cousins usually rock up with”

“I haven’t really been delivering over the last few years… I really dropped the ball and came alone back in ’09…”

“… But I deadset reckon I’m gonna take home the cake this year. She’s gonna knock it out of the park,”

“She’s not Greek but that’s alright, I think she’s got some sort of European family in her. Pop will be fine with that”

The new bit of kit in question is a 24-year-old medicine student by the name of Gracie, she says she doesn’t know what to expect.

“It sounds like a big family event. Mark has bought me an amazing cocktail dress to wear,”

“I thought it was a bit revealing for a midday lunch in his grandparent’s backyard, but he says it’ll be fine. Apparently, it’s a Greek thing,”


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