Another week and another big announcement from business magnate and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

After pledging to solve South Australia’s “energy crisis,” Musk has now taken up the challenge of solving the Soft Serve problem at Mcdonald’s across the free settler state.

“I understand that here in Australia you guys can’t seem to get a soft serve or a McFlurry anywhere because the machines are always out of order, so I thought why the heck don’t I come down here fix it,” Musk said.

Musk said that his plans to create the largest ever battery down in South Australia was a piece of cake, and fixing the soft serve crisis could be more of a challenge – especially with a federal government so hostile towards his ideas.

However, South Australian premier Jay Weatherill says he’s interested in any free help he can get to fix things that they should have dealt with a long time ago.

“Finding someone who knows’s anything about it is gonna be the first step. It’s a real worthwhile project, Eh,” he said.

Local employees are pleased with the announcement, confirming that they deal with daily complaints about the machines being broken.

15-year-old Tuivasa Faolafo said that it sick very tired of getting abused by stroppy parents who want to use 50c soft serves as bargaining chips with their children.

“Ah yeah I’m always copping it about the machine. Like it’s my fault it doesn’t work. I don’t know who Musk is but if he fixes it I’m sure the people of Australia will be pretty happy,” Faolafo said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is furious with the latest attempt to meddle in local affairs and told Musk we could fix our own Soft Serve machines.

“That Musk thinks he is so innovative and agile. I tell you what I will blow my top if he starts making any noise about that Liddell power station. Lucky for s44 he won’t be able to run for PM down here,” he said.


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