Indigenous elder and respected academic, Marcia Langton is this week seeking legal advice after opposition leader Peter Dutton lied when he misquoted her criticism of the No campaign on social media, leading to the spread of misinformation amongst fellow Liberal politicians their lapdog journalists that work for Rupert Murdoch.

Langton says Dutton’s post on Instagram, which wrongly claims she described voters opposing the Indigenous voice referendum as ‘racist’, was a complete fabrication of her comments.

This same post was shared by fellow Coalition members Angus Taylor, Sarah Henderson, Andrew Hastie, Colin Boyce and Jonathon Duniam, as well as the Liberal party of Australia’s main account.

This is just one example of the highly calculated spread of lies and exaggerations from the Liberal Party’s No Campaign, which is relying on misinformation to destroy the upcoming referendum because it’s the closest they will get to winning an election in the next ten years.

As Australia heads to the polls in less than a month to decide whether or not we should allow Indigenous elders into Parliament House to advise politicians on the complex cultural barriers and disadvantages facing their people, the bipartisan YES campaign has chosen to take the high road and avoid smear campaigns against individuals.

However, the Liberal Party’s NO Campaign do not seem to be following the same rules, and have activated a campaign aimed at discrediting anyone brave enough to oppose their position that Indigenous people should stay the fuck away from Parliament House.

Meanwhile, the Australian media has been very careful to not use the word ‘racist’ when describing the No campaign, or their voters, in an attempt to keep the debate ‘civilised’ by avoiding any mention of the extremely racist rhetoric within their movement.

Peter Dutton has not responded to Marcia Langton’s comments, but has made it clear that thinking about voting no doesn’t make you a psychopathic racist cunt who feels pleasure watching Indigenous people struggle against the Australian political establishment.

Because the Nazi flag waving terrorist watch-list skinheads aren’t just thinking about it, they are 100% locked in!

These comments follow Warren Mundine admitting that he has actually had to sack literal Nazis from the campaign office after hearing ‘severely anti-semitic remarks’.


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