Local white collar employee, Brad Parker (32) is boldly claiming that he played a ‘one-off’ rugby match for his local club on a Monday night.

“Love to have a bit of a trot” he says, while covering his grazed knuckles.

“I’ve got a big group of close mates who play too. We went out Saturday and Sunday and played a few games to celebrate one of the boys getting married. Great, clean way to catch up and have a bit of fun”

“That’s why I wasn’t at work yesterday, because of the whole rugby thing that I was doing for three days”

“We were just lucky there was another club willing to play us”

“Can be a bit tricky organising fixtures around this time of the year – but ended up alright”

Despite the fact that he smells quite heavily of rum, Brad is insisting that he took it easy over the weekend, after ‘copping’ a boot in the bottom of a ruck, at an unspecified location, playing for a rugby club that doesn’t begin pre-season until late February.

“No luck. He was a big bugger too” he says.

With his fingers are stained with nicotine, Brad says he loves getting out and playing rugby in 30 degree weather.

“It keeps you fit, thats for sure” he says before disappearing to the bathroom for 35 minutes.



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