County Coogee is today bursting at the seams, after an extraordinarily large Friday night.

With St Patrick’s Day Celebrations still continuing for some, others have been greeted by overflowing toilets and floor wastes after a serious breakdown in the region’s sewerage system.

It’s believed that the sewer lines across Little Ireland in Sydney broke down a short time ago, after a huge number of black anaconda’s morphed into a giant seething mass of a reptile.

Common in places like Ireland and Boston, the species of snake is quite rare in Australia.

Sometimes found in Eastern Sydney close to the beaches, the black anaconda is descended from the consumption of at-least ten pints of Guinness from the night before.

However, the rare creatures have now seemingly morphed into some giant supernatural figure, with huge numbers surfacing this morning as the region wakes up.

Speaking to The Advocate, one of Sydney Water’s employees on the job told us it’s quite an incredible sight.

“It’s quite confronting if I’m honest,” he told us.

“It seems like they’ve all joined up underneath the various apartments in Coogee, Bronte and Bondi, and we aren’t really sure how to clear it.”

“These snakes reek of curry sauce as well for some reason.”

More to come.


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