Queensland’s nanny-state liquor licensing laws have embarrassed the entire Australian population, after the owners of a Brisbane bar after bouncers were forced to initially turn away the future king of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik, because he did not produce a local driver’s licence.

Aimed at curbing alcohol-related public disturbances – while also gentrifying inner-city suburbs with a catastrophic oversupply of high-rise apartments that no one wants to live in for reasons not related to the nightlife, the new laws require venues open past midnight in Queensland’s safe night precincts to scan IDs after 10:00pm.

However, even after the Queensland Police Service’s dignitary protection unit were able to assure security they could permit the royal to enter without breaking the law, the 23-year-old security staff were not convinced that he was sober enough to enter.

“He was talking funny. Sounded like he’d been on the turps all arvo” said one bouncer, Jaxon.

“We told him to go get a something to eat. His mates were alright to come through, but he had to wait

Prince Frederik, who is in Brisbane ahead of the Hamilton Island Race Week yachting regatta, is believed to argued with security that he’d only had ‘a few Golds’ and his mates were all inside.

“I don’t care” said the bouncer.

“You’re lucky we don’t kick you out of the line for those shoes”

A stunned Crown Prince Frederik, who is married to Australian-born Princess Mary, was only let into the Jade Buddha on Friday night after doing a couple laps of the riverside precinct, getting a Guzman burrito and drinking some water.




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