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It’s not often that you can surprise local man Phil McCann.

Described as ‘unflappable’ the twenty-something tradie is known to breeze through life completely unfazed by anything, similar to that of one of those old push-button horses from the countryside who are used to several barefooted children riding it at once.

A strange way to describe a bloke, but in Phil’s case, a startlingly accurate description.

However, a strange sight in Sydney was able to elicit quite the reaction from Phil as he walked to work this morning, spotting a group of people crowded around a tight opening in Little Hunter Street who all appeared to be murmuring excitedly and pointing to something wedged between the buildings.

“How the bloody hell did that get wedged there?” asked one woman.

“Did it flip? Surely not.”

Confused as to what the commotion could be, Phil had moved closer to the scene only to be shocked by the sight of an upside Furphy truck, which looked as though it had been scaling the wall.

Watching as another onlooker moved to open a door, albeit likely looking for beer under the guise of ‘searching for the driver’, Phil’s mind had raced through the possible scenarios leading to this development – coming to one simple conclusion.

“Nah it’s gotta be that Banksy fella right?” says Phil, surprising everyone as he didn’t exactly look like the sort of bloke who knew about a guerilla artist.

“He’s always doing weird shit like this. One of them art installation things?”

“Probably means something really political, you know about society? Like about we, as a people, leaned heavily on delivery drivers and food couriers to get us through the unprecedented hardship of the pandemic?”

“I’ll see if it’s got one of those stencil pieces somewhere.”

Phil looked up and down the block, looking for the tell-tale stencil, but didn’t find anything that might make him suspect it was an artwork done by the British vandal.

“Nothing. Just closed pubs, rampant over-development, ridiculously expensive real estate, $7 coffees and some joker trying to give me a free 6-pack of beer that’s suspiciously the same brand as what’s on the side of the truck,”

“I’m beginning to think this is another one of those marketing stunts.”

More to come.



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