It’s been a bittersweet morning for Birch Grove (28).

The young software salesman has been forced to change the trip of a year, after a rather unexpected couple of weeks.

Birch explained to The Advocate that he’s been on the phone to Qantas all morning trying to re-arrange his flights to Europe.

Set to embark on his annual Euro-trip with his partner, Birch said he genuinely can’t go during September for the first time since he turned 20.

“Man, it’s such a pain,” said Birch.

The cause for the consternation comes off the back of the Wests Tigers winning their second game in a row.

The groundbreaking feat means the Tigers have more wins than losses to their name during an NRL season – something which hasn’t happened since 2020.

The back to back wins have shocked fans of the club, as well as sports fans in general.

With Wooden Spooners from the last two years now sitting in 6th, fans like Birch are now genuinely beginning to entertain the prospects of playing football in September – aka Finals Footy.

“I’ve got to negotiate my leave with work as well,” said Birch who is having to push his yearly tip back to October.

“I guess I’ll get out of the peak season and save a bit of money, but yeah, not ideal going on a holiday that close to Christmas.”

“Anyway, we haven’t played finals footy for 13 years, so it’s worth making a bit of an allowance.”

“We’ll get young Galvin back for the clash of the heavyweights with Penrith and Brisbane, which will be good.”

“Will be a good measuring stick for those teams to see how they go against us.”

More to come.


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