Magnolia and one of her daughters swim in an unpatrolled beach near Byron
Magnolia and one of her daughters swim in an unpatrolled beach near Byron


Magnolia Smithers, a young mother of two from Lismore, says she is very proud to be the voice and face of the Anti-Vaccination movement Anti-Vaxxers Organise (AVO).

“Vaccinations are just another government ploy to keep archaic pharmaceutical companies rich and keep us just sick enough to live with their help, but everyone already knows that,”

“There are plenty of other government agendas that we are fighting against as well,” says the passionate mother of two, who goes on to tell The Advocate that her children are being threatened by much more than an age-old societal pressure to have needles jabbed in their arms.

Magnolia says despite the fact that both her and her husband are unable to work, due to the outsourcing of jobs in her local area, she has managed to raise two healthy children without a consistent income and without vaccinations.

Magnolia's youngest, Aquila , plays in the sand without fear of getting autism from state-sanctioned injections
Magnolia’s youngest, Aquila , plays in the sand without fear of getting autism from state-sanctioned injections


“The hide our Government must have to suggest that we should spend our welfare benefits on vaccinations,”

“I am going to love both my kids unconditionally, but it would be such a shame for them to both suffer from state-sanctioned autism. I want them to be able to live a happy independent life, like me,”

However Magnolia and her husband, Banjo, have taken things a step further.

Magnolia and her child play on an unpatrolled beach
Magnolia and her child play on an unpatrolled beach

“First it was fluoride in the water, then it was the mandatory vaccinations… But everyone seems to forget about the Life Savers,”

Magnolia believes that the idea of “patrolled” beaches are a perfect example of an intrusive government asserting unnecessary control over the people.

“It should be a communities choice whether or not their children are patrolled by trained professionals. I demand my rights as a citizen to have the choice,”

“Patrolled beaches are the next on the list for Anti-Vaxxers Organise. Sure, it’s got nothing to do with vaccinations… but it has a lot to do with freedom.

“Those red and yellow flags are nothing but symbols of oppression.”

The red and yellow Life Saver flags have tricked thousands into oppression says Magnolia
The red and yellow Life Saver flags have tricked thousands into oppression says Magnolia

However, Magnolia and Banjo’s neighbours have spoken out against the peculiar movement. Including local surfer, Bob Rourke.

“That loudmouth brat has no fucking clue. They have saved over fifty kids from drowning this year alone,”

“What the fuck is she talking about?! It’s a volunteer organisation. There is absolutely no input from the government,”

“Her and her lazy fucking husband need to get jobs and shut the fuck up.”


  1. Magnolia seems to have forgotten about state-sanctioned radiation in the late sixties and seventies in the form of compulsory chest X-rays, just to try to reduce the incidnce of TB.

    • As a mum of an autistic child I find her offensive to my rights…to not have to listen to her absolute crap…my sons are fully immunised and my eldest son did not get autism from vaccs…so shut the fuck up get a job and a life…have never heard such a load of crap before

      • very well put Joanne, I could not have put it better myself. vaccinations and surf life savers have saved more lives than they have damaged.I have an 11 year old autistic grandson and he is fully protected by vaccinations etc. and his dad is a volunteer firefighter as well. This stupid girl should have her benefits cut and the children removed until she can show she will love them and care for them properly.

      • You don’t have that right. Freedom of expression implies that we must tolerate other peoples crap. If you don’t like it, then stop listening. No one is forcing you to read this article.

        • Ur a absolute dick!! I’m not even gonna comment on the dumb slut not immunising her kids and placing other kids in risk of contamination!! the fucking flags r there for a reason if dickfucks like u swam everywhere on the beach how the fuck u expect lifeguards to protect the entire beach and ur wrong dickfuck just like u have the right to express ur ignorant point of view grumpy George has his freedom of expression to say woteva the fuck he wants I just hope that u don’t swim inbetween the flags and get taken out to sea in a rip so ur dumbcunt point of view never has to be heard again!

    • My dad was picked up as having TB by the state sanctioned mobile chest xrays in 1962… Thanks to early detection and the Queensland government intervention, he lived til he was 87! He rejoiced on his 80th, telling me he really thought he’d never make 80! dont try to tell me the measures are there to destroy our lives.

      • Yes it’s a fake website, but
        A. It’s piss funny, and addresses in a very real way how illogical some people are with regards to vaccination, rights not to acknowledge any government control (laws) whilst demanding their “entitled” handouts. It wouldn’t really surprise me if some nimby IS up in arms about croc/stinger/keep left danger signs interrupting their views!

    • Charles Brownridge what an incredibly stupid thing to say, they helped stopped the spread of TB. Following the 2nd World War TB was a great concern with migrants arriving here. I’m sure they picked up tumours & other illnesses & saved many lives.
      You & your dopey friend Magnolia should relocate to another island so we don’t have to listen to your idiotic waffle.
      Magnolia should be fined for outright stupidity & placing a child’s life in danger. The flags are there for a damn good reason whether you like it or not. Saves some poor bloody life guard from having to rescue your sorry backsides.

    • you are nothing but a ill informed piece of shit magnolia to risk your child and other children by your stupidly and how good it is you will lose your welfare checks you poor fucking sad thing go and get a job for starters and if your poor child gets whooping cough and infects others children you will have the money to pay for drugs and not rely on welfare wake up to your self you and thousands like you

  2. oh dear, what about the Keep left signs in the centre of the road, just more oppression I guess. I think she should perhaps stick to one fight.

  3. Would you believe that in the Northern Territory there are even beaches with signs stating “Do not swim”??? When will the Government step back and let natural selection do its thing!

    • Maybe, with a little bit of luck these half – wits will all go to the Northern Territory where the beaches are closed and a nice big crocodile, one of NATURE’s biggest predators will assist them in committing suicide. Problem solved !!!

    • Please by all means go ahead and swim at the beaches in the territory we need less idiots like you on this planet and the crocs would love a fresh meal

    • yes I think they should definitely take down all these oppressive signs & leave it to natural selection….but then who would they blame?

    • That wouldn’t have anything to do with maybe getting eaten by a crocodile would it ?? Seriously as id appreciate the warning signs and No Swimming signs… !!

  4. Oh dear, such a distorted view of the causes of Autism and the purpose for Surf Lifesaving!
    Welfare dollars hard at work!
    I do hope magnolia appreciates those welfare dollars more than she does volunteer organisations and the medical fraternity, whom she will no doubt rely on if her beautiful children ever do get sick.
    Thank you to Bob Rourke and all those wonderful men women and children who volunteer their valuable time to keep people safe on our beaches!

  5. Or she could just be a dumb cnut who’s child is living in a bubble of clarity created by others. The crimes of big pharma do not negate the reality of her incompetence as a parent. She might as well smack the kids teeth out at 16 and dump it in front of the welfare office.

  6. She doesnt have a problem with the government handouts?? She doesnt want vaccination dont take the handout. Simple. Get a job

  7. This stupid slag needs to fucking educate herself and stop indoctrinating stupidity into her children. She’s stating all of this based upon NO factual evidence whatsoever, all while living off of what I’m assuming are government handouts. What a stupid bitch.. I bet she herself was vaccinated against MMR and other diseases. I hope her and her mob of uneducated idiots stand on a rusty nails and die from tetanus so that the stupid isn’t spread any further.
    Oh the irony would be grand.

  8. Wow would love to see Mr Rouke fundraising for the life savers… It would be like a KBW comedy!!! Got to love Australia, we spend Millions on anti bullying at schools. You have to laugh at the comments on social media all the parents victimising the people that are anti vaccines yet I am sure a large percentage would allow their children to eat junk food or drink soft drinks!!

    Mangolia’s child looks pretty happy and healthy… Well done you could get a job to pay excessive taxes to allow governments to waste your money or you can be happy spending the best years of your child’s life enjoying every day…

    Shame on you Mangolia!!! Go Volunteer at the F…ing surf club become a respectable citizen

    • David….. You as big a moron as she is. You state: Mangolia’s child looks pretty happy and healthy… Well done you could get a job to pay excessive taxes to allow governments to waste your money or you can be happy spending the best years of your child’s life enjoying every day…
      Where the hell do you think she gets her money from to spend all this time with her children? That would be the government… would it not?
      What happens if we all take up her ‘occupation’…. money becomes a bit short when no one works… do you get it now???

    • Well someone has to work and pay taxes to this oppressive government to fund the welfare payments. Who should do this do you think?

  9. Dear Magnolia,

    As you have chosen not to vaccinate your children, you don’t need to worry about any further welfare payments.

    Can you explain why you’re ok to take the government’s money, our taxes, but not ok to abide by the rules? If you don’t like the government’s rules, don’t take their money.

  10. I wonder what Magnolia’s field of study is? It’s Dr Magnolia, right? She is clearly very well informed when it comes to biology, apparently better informed than the entire international scientific community.

    The FACTS are clear. There is no compelling scientific evidence against vaccination. Where is your data Magnolia? Anyone? Show me evidence.

    Get rid of life guards?!?! If anyone needed any more evidence of Magnolia’s intellegence, there we have it. When her two kids start to drift out to sea what will she do? Surely not look for help from the evil government agency’s like the police or sea rescue services.

    I guess not all the government is evil though, right Magnolia? I’m sure Centrelink is good enough for you.

    Please oh please scientists of the world unite and develop a vaccination for the Magnolia’s of the world. The day we can add “fucking idiots” to list with polio, measles and whooping cough would be a fine day indeed.

    • There is a vaccine for Magnolia…it’s called the pill. But her stupid mother probably tried to hold it between her knees…

    • The Aus govt debate on no vaccinatin/no benefit has certainly sparked plenty of conversation in NZ. But people like this couple live in their own bubbles of self-rightiousness everywhere.
      I think your last paragraph Drew about sums it up – and if anti-fuckwit vaccine is ever invented it will be a great day for common sense not just in Aus, but worldwide.

  11. Millions Died, Billions were spent; Vaccines are our shields against the forever evolving environment, Saying you have raised perfectly healthy children when they are still only infants is immature at best, so much can go so wrong regardless of how “healthy” they may seem now, Good luck when one of your kids get a (now dormant disease thanks to vaccines) disease.

    • Well said. Look into the worlds and see why immunisation was invented! To prevent major disease in societies like the past. I hate how people only see the current events and fail to look into the past to see the reasons why things change. I have two great kids who are both fully vaccinated. Neither have the so called state sanctioned autism! Don’t know anyone who does either! Read your history before speaking out!

  12. lol, go ahead, swim in the “unsafe” zones. Swim in the lethal currents under the surface that will drag you out to sea and not even think of it. Go ahead, watch as your child disapears beneath the waves and never seen again. As for vacination…it’s not you that will suffer, but your child, when the time is right, and some very old virus comes along, i wouldn’t worry about autism, that will be the least of your problems. You were vacinated, and have the luxurary of being alive today, don’t make the mistakes of thinking you can play god with another life, you spent 9 months bringing the child here, in safety and now you want to kill it by not protecting against millions of other viruses? You go ahead, keep going, i bet you within 5 years something really bad will happen, not because i wish it, i would never do that, but because of your choices.

  13. Get a job and get a life, not only are you bad parents by teaching your children these ridiculous ideas, but since you both are not working I bet that you get money from centrelink and don’t complain about that and when your child drowns or gets a preventive illness I bet they will blame the government for that as well. if you loive your child as much as you say you do then you will do anything possible to help and protect them. Not hurting them by forcing your ideas on them.

  14. I suppose Magnolia and Banjo are also not concerned about the amount of tax payer $$ they live off and the government that controls that. Stupid woman. I sincerely hope that her children live a healthy ,safe life and don’t fall victim to those insidious diseases. I strongly suggest she speak to other parents who have lost a baby to whooping cough. Then make these claims.

  15. Magnolia and her husband who live on the good grace of the government should not shit in the same place thst their food comes from.
    Go live in a jungle free from gov.
    and stop taking advantage of taxpayers monies!

  16. Can’t believe this. .is she immunised herself? Did her children have vitamin K injections at birth? I’m sure she wouid be the first to ask for assistance if she needed saving in the surf or wouid she just let her children drown? Just the fact that they dont work says it all for me. I feel sorry for her children.

  17. If she doesn’t like Government sanctions. Then take away her Unemployment benefits. What’s the bet neither of them work

  18. Let her swim outside the flags who cares. But dont let the family cry when she or the child drowns. Immunisations save lives. I am a teacher with chronic asthma i will be checking from now on if each child on my list at the beginning of the year is immunised if not i will be asking for the child to be placed in another class or i will go to the union as a matter of OH and S. I caught whooping cough as a 44 year old and it nearly killed me when combined with my asthma.

    We should do what they did years ago all the TB cases are put in isolation. If they dont want to immunise their kids live in a society with others that dont and dont spread your diseases to the wider community. There is no excuse/

  19. Magnolia & Banjo seem to forget that they are being controlled by the government through welfare payments. If indeed they are such purists, they should not accept these payments & find their own way unhindered and free, not dependent on the very organization they are revolting against.

  20. Bahahaha, i havent heard such bullcrap since Bill Clinton claimed to have not had “sexual relations with that woman”.
    I hope her kids dont catch whooping cough and she then needs the help of rich pharmaceuticals to save her childs life. And can some please prove to me that those kids who got autism from being vaccinated wouldnt have been diagnosed with autism anyway!?

  21. Oh my god you people are delusional. You are putting not only your own children at risk but also others. Did you not see the story about the little baby boy in Perth who died of whooping cough recently? Check your research closer and how irresponsible slamming the life savers who are mostly volunteers only. They give up their time to keep the rest of us safe. By all means swim outside the flags but don’t you dare call them for help if you and your beautiful children who know no better get in trouble. To finish the only reason you don’t have any work is because you don’t want to work.

    • No way they wouldn’t let the government control them like that. Telling them how much they can have and forcing them to spend hours in lines and on phones to get free money is just a mind control tactic by the government.. Don’t Drink The Punch…

  22. You can’t catch autism, you moron and you don’t develop it after vaccinations.

    If your going to stand for something at least have accurate facts.

  23. No jobs due to out-sourcing???? Sounds like a good excuse to sponge off the very government that you’re fighting for freedom from…
    Here’s one for, GET A JOB, support yourselves & your family! You are unbelievable!

    Freaking bludgers

  24. I respect the right of others to have different views to my own but educate yourself first.
    Magnolia is perfectly entitled to raise her children as she sees fit but not at the expense of tax payers. She is more concerned about having to ‘spend her welfare on vaccinations’ then she is about getting off her arse and getting a job. It’s a disgrace that two able bodied people do not work and expect every day Aussies to support them and their unimmunised kids.
    She would not have to spend her hard earned welfare dollars on immunising her kids as it’s free. That comment alone proves she’s an uneducated idiot.
    Instead of welcoming being the face of the Anti-Vaxxers, she should be hiding her face in shame. What a total moron – and how on Earth to our Lifesavers get dragged into this? Oh, that’s right. There is a government conspiracy to protect swimmers at beaches.

    • Unfortunately, no, there needs to be a limit onhowshe can raise her kids. The problem lies with herd immunity. it relates to the fact that not all people can actually be vaccinated and refusing to get your kids vaccinated for some stupid incorrect idea puts people who have no option at risk.
      Vulnerable people rely on everyone else being immune to avoid the disease.

  25. i believe that Magnolia and her ilk should be able to exercise their rights viz. not having to swim between the flags. It would be a sure way to rid the world of idiots like her without it impacting on the communities recourses as long as they accept the fact that if they do get in to trouble, no one will come to their assistance.

  26. By giving these dole bludging hippies a voice you are fuelling their idiotic views.
    Astounded by the complete lack of intelligence shown by those 2 morons.

  27. Seriously stupid stupid woman. The flags are there to ensure that you and your kids don’t DIE from a preventable drowning! And I resent the implications of ‘state sanctioned immunsations cause Autism’I have four kids, ALL vaccinated, only one has Aspergers. And he’s FINE thank you very much. He’s just his own unique self like all my kids are! If that was the case with our genetic predisposition all my kids would be autistic huh? Stupid twat.

  28. If you don’t want to swim between the flags just tell us lifeguards and when you start to drown we will leave you. we also are not run by government we are all volunteers because we all know how dangerous it is.

  29. “I want them to be able to live an independant, happy life like me” this idiot says. What independance, the Australian Tax Payer gives her & her husband whatever life they have. What an absolute drop kick.

  30. This lady had no credibility before she even started talking just based on her anti-vaccination statements, but if she did in fact had an ounce of it, she further destroyed it by making ridiculous statements about swimming between the flags.

    Unfortunately our government needs to make rules and regulations to prevent stupid people from making stupid decisions.

    Her kids are only safe and healthy because she is selfishly (not because of a legit medical reason) relying on herd immunity – i.e. other parents vaccinating their children.

    I’d suggest she do some (proper, medical and peer reviewed) reading and research into the implications of everyone not vaccinating their children and she might have a change of heart (or opinion). Perhaps she should talk to the parents of beautiful baby Riley who so sadly died from whooping cough.

  31. This woman has no clue ……. But with names like Magnolia and Banjo, what do we expect????

    These idiots who worship their alternate lifestyles are only harming the rest of us and unfairly putting their own kids at risk.

  32. Why, after reading this article, did the theme music from the twilight zone, spontaneously begin playing in my head. Magnolia, get a job, get a brain, get a clue and get out of my pocket.

  33. I’m going to fight for my right not to stop at red lights. Just another Government imposition to prevent me from getting where I want to go in a reasonable time.

    • You really made me laugh! and it feels good to laugh rather than cry at the sheer idiocy of this anti vax anti patrolled beach combo nutter!

  34. I pity these kids who have such ignorant, lazy, good-for-nothing parents who sit around waiting for welfare cheques to land in their laps every week, but then spend their days criticizing, berating and bemoaning the hand that feeds them! Whilst at the same time they willingly put the lives of their children at risk of disease, disaster and ultimately death, whether it be from a medical perspective or a life saving perspective? They still have freedom of choice – they are just making stupid ones! The government is not removing their right to choose – they can remain stubborn and not vaccinate, however, we, the tax-paying people of Australia, the majority who care about the common good of all, are also choosing! We choose to stop funding them in their stupidty, ignorance and ultimate self-centredness where they only give a damn about themselves! It’s all fine to say you don’t want to participate in society, but then you can’t expect society to rescue you in times of trouble!! It’s your choice!

    • So very, very true. If Magnolia is unable to get a job and has time to lay around the beach all day maybe she should think of enrolling in a course to improve her education. Centrelink would be only too willing to point her in the right direction and also assist with the cost so there’s no complaining she can’t afford it.

  35. What a dumb bitch! I bet she will have no problem running to get free hospital care when her or her kid is sick, wants free money from the government, but isn’t prepared to work (I was living in Lismore for 2 years and within 3 months of living there had been in hospital for 2 weeks but managed to get a job, with no qualifications and my own place)but let her swim outside the flags because the less stupid in that town, and the country the better!

  36. You poor uneducated fool, If you have seen what these diseases can do to children AND ADULTS, you would change your foolhardy mind. I pray your child does not contract anything but if it does I am sure YOU will be the first one to run to hospital and try and get treatment under Medicare??

  37. The only reason your kids are perfectly healthy is because other’s are picking up the slack through herd immunity. Same as the only reason why you have been able to raise children without an income – because others are having to pay through their taxes because you can’t be bothered getting off your arse to get a job. If you were serious about working you would move to another area. You talk of government oppression but are too willing to stick hand out for welfare. Grow up little girl.

  38. Magnolia please sit down class is about to start.

    I’m a mother of a 4 year old boy who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, there is absouselty no reason for me to believe that vaccines caused his ASD, why you may ask because it has been proven time after time.

    How this idea first came about=

    The MMR vaccine was first alleged to be a cause of autism in 1998, when Dr. Andrew Wakefield a parent of a child with autism, a British researcher, published a study in The Lancet claiming that the 12 children with neurodevelopmental delays (eight of whom had autism) he examined had the measles virus in their guts. Serious ethical problems such as financial ties to trial lawyers and a skewed sample group brought the validity of the study into question. Subsequent studies have failed to replicate Dr. Wakefield’s results and he is currently facing professional misconduct charges as a result of this study in front of the United Kingdom’s General Medical Council.
    Ten of the 13 original authors have since retracted their names from the paper, and The Lancet has discredited its findings, yet the controversy has continued despite the lack of science connecting the MMR vaccine to autism.

    You see this man was wrong your wrong and I’m sure the next person will also be wrong.
    ASD is not something you can catch like a flu, and your child has more of a chance dying from a simple cold cause you have this big idea in your head sounds really stupid if you ask me, all my children are vaccinated all 5 of them and I only have 1 with Autism, so if vaccines cause autism why is it that my other 4 don’t have.

    Your a uneducated person that needs to do a hell of a lot more research to back up your mouth, maybe you should start with getting a job and possibly a hobby.


  39. This kind of stupidity makes me angry to even think about. Vaccinations have eradicated deadly diseases and disallowing your children to that safety provided by the government is your dumb choice. I dont know much about vaccinations and the fight against them because I am not a doctor, I am a Life Saver and people like this are the people who end up on the news after drowing in a rip. There is a reason why Australia’s beaches are patrolled by trained professionals and that is to keep dumb fucks like this lady and her family from losing their life. She states that Life Savers and the beaches they patrol at are a an example of an “intrusive government asserting unnecessary control over the people.” First of all, every Surf Life Saving Club is a volunteer organisation and has no ties to the government and second of all what fucking control are you talking about? You can go swim wherever you want, free country dude but when you hit your head on a sand bar and get knocked out who will save you? Your unemployed husband? Who will save your child if they wander off into the surf? No one. If you want to swim on unpatrolled beaches go for it, but when your child dies dont come running to Current Affair or some shit whining that no one saved them. Get a fucking job, get a fucking clue and get a fucking life.

  40. Must be smoking a LOT of weed to be that paranoid about conspiring governments! Too stoned to read up about medical science. Too dazed to realise that vaccinations are free. Brain too addled to stop mouth from saying dumb shit! Too ignorant for words! Those poor children!

  41. Put Magnolia on Q&A with a doctor and a lifesaver on the panel and watch make a total fool of herself .

  42. yrs I agree I dont want to be told what to do so I am going to campaign agaist paying taxes.
    Then my dear lady what will you live on without taxes being paid.
    Grow up and live with society for your childrens sake. I would hate to read that they suffered because of a preventable illness or by being taken by the sea

  43. Magnolia obviously spends too much time at the beach – she’s got her head stuck in the sand big time. Pull it out and smell the real world, Magnolia !

    How sad that she’s produced kids that will cost the rest of the population thousands in healthcare when they catch (preventable) diseases.

  44. I have no comment about her choice to vax but it is totally insane to complain about life guards .go swim at an ungauded beach if hou choose .we have plenty of them or let your kids drown your choice ..the stupidity of some people amazes me .next thing she will be attacking police or ambulance drivers .how dare they stop crime and save people .

  45. Good on Bob Rouke. She and her husband should get their heads out of their arses and get a job. You will find out what the real world is all about. You would probably be the first in the line at the doctors ( bulk billingof course) if one of your kids catches a disease that could have been prevented if they had been vaccinated.

    I have spent 20 years patroling our beaches with numeral rescues and sereral life saving rescues. My three kids followed on in surf lifesaving as well. Life savers are trained to spot the safest area for people to swim. Board riders are kept out of the patrolled area for the swimmers safety. I might add that all my lifesaving rescues were done outside the patrolled area.

    Seeing as you both do not have jobs, why don’t you volunteer and learn to become lifesavers. Many husband and wives with kids do pattols on our beaches, it can be done wuite easily.

    Get a life.

  46. Also did anyone see the recent news in Australia about the new born that died of Whooping Cough that belonged to AntiVaxers.

  47. Of course we all know this article is just baiting everyone to say how dumb welfare recipients are. Don’t we? This Magnolia can’t actually exist. No one is that stupid.

    • Mate, i was looking throughout all these ridiculous comments hoping at least one other person was smart enough to see this for what it actually is.
      I especially like “Her and her lazy fucking husband need to get jobs and shut the fuck up.” hahaha.

  48. first of all, all you people telling her to get a job back off! I understand myself how difficult it is to get a job in this area. I am 19 and never been vaccinated and never been sick in my entire life. To take people payments off them for not vaccinating is just blackmail, it’s a personal choice you shouldn’t have to be told what to do.

    • Can’t get a job? So move…..and if you want the government to support you then yes they have a right to expect some say… kind of like your employer would if you actually had a job. By the way, the reason you are healthy is because of all of those who chose to vaccinate. Obviously you don’t know any older citizens who remember life and death before vaccinations.

      • Great comments – I hope Magnolia reads just some of them. She is so far outside mainstream reasonable thinking. – Magnolia’s neglect of her children because of her wayward thinking means the children could be at risk-has anybody referred this to DOCS? And while we are about notifications has anybody thought to pass this link to Centrelink. They may have a view about supporting parents who may be in breach. Sometimes, regrettably, the State has to step in to protect the rights of the child.
        Rejoice in your right to free speech and freedom of choice Magnolia but realise it comes with the responsibility to not impinge on the rights of others to enjoy safe and happy lives.

    • At 19 you are a disgrace to say you can’t get a job in the area. Have you ever heard of buses, trains and planes to places where there is plenty of work for those who have a smidgen of conscience. Have you ever thought of volunteering and gaining extra credit for your CV ? Try it – it works.

    • The problem is SK that we shouldn’t have a choice. Having polio gone is good. Smallpox? We don’t need that shit. And cervical cancer is bad too. There is a reason why as a species we have advanced and life expectancy has grown substantially since mass vaccinations were introduced. It is irresponsible for people to think that it’s their choice. I hope you don’t get once of those diseases but it is unlikely you will because EVERYONE else has done what they are supposed to and gotten themselves and their families immunised against terrible diseases.

    • Here’s on for SK, the world is a bigger place than Byron. Stop being a lazy c,?t and pick your ass up and move to where the work is. I too once lived in a beautiful place where there was no work. Would love to live there again one day too! And I will because I now live elsewhere work hard and will soon buy some land to one day move back into. Get a clue you moron.

    • SK.
      With respect it is not the vaccination of her children that is the issue, all be it that she runs the potential to loose her children as a result. It is her failure to take responsibility for the effect that it has on other parties who could end up with whooping cough due to her failure to vaccinate.

    • SK, it’s not a “personal choice” for a new born.

      I have nursed for 22 years now and have looked after many chldren who have severe disability as a result of contracting measles resulting in Encephalitis. I have comforted parents whose babies have died from whooping cough.

      I have a son with Autism spectrum disorder. He is fully vaccinated. He attends a main stream school, is one of the brightest in his class. He is a wiz at maths and has been reading at adult level since he was about 6. He hates sport, doing his chores and we argue over homework. He has friends, goes to parties, and increasingly thinks myself and my husband are not the all knowing beings he used to see us as. In short, he’s a typical 10 year old kid.

      We don’t tell people his diagnosis. He is not defined by it, it’s just a small part of who he is. We have never had someone come up and say, “Gee, does your son have Autism?” Why, because it’s a spectrum disorder and not all people on the spectrum are like the characters portrayed in moveies like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

      Autism is a spectrum disorder. In the mid 1990’s it was clearly proven that vaccination did not cause Autism. That’s around the time you were born, so a lifetime ago for you. No one responding here would expect you to have done your homework at birth.

      Living in Lismore you are in the area of Australia with the current highest non vaccination rates

      So it’s great to hear you have never been sick. But I sadly suspect that as the anti vax movement gains greater traction that your current good health has great potential to fail you.

      Polio, Measle, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Meningococcal, TB, Q Fever, Influenza, Pertussis, Small Pox, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Human papiloma Virus, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Anthrax, Hepatits A and B, Japanese Encephalitis, Lyme Disease, Pneumococcal, Typhoid.

      These are some of the diseases that you can be vaccianted against. But not all of them, because some don’t exist in this country anymore because government vacciantion programmes mean they no longer exist. Some were so closse to irradication (measles for example) and now they are on the rise again due to increasing non-compliance.

      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” Evelyn Beatrice Hall.

      The government is planning on taking away the child related components of the benifits many disadvanteged Australians receive. I suppose it’s because those parents are choosing, right or wrong, to put their children at further disadvantage.

      As a parent and a nurse I struggle to understand how any other parent would choose NOT to vaccinate their child. Protecting them from real danger as opposed to perceived danger.

      The anti vax movement would have more mainstream support if there were well informed people offering valid, science backed arguments, representing them.

      There is still a large part of me that thinks the above article must be some kind of hoax. But then it doesn’t matter, because people who are pro vaccine, or anti vaccine or those as yet undecided where they stand will read it, so hoax or not, it has the power to influence.

  49. LOL

    Andrew Wakefield was a fraud. His statements and articles were retracted. Vaccinations do NOT CAUSE AUTISM! The fact that people still think this makes me laugh.

    Anyway, what’s worse… raising a child with autism or losing a child to whooping cough?

    And it’s not like they’re forcing you to vaccinate. Maybe the choice not to vaccinate will encourage you to stop being a bum and get a job. And a life. And maybe do some real research before you call yourself an advocate.

  50. Must be sure to tell my husband who has volunteered his time to teach surf and water safety at the Surf Lifesaving Club every seasonal Sunday morning for 12 years at our local (very dangerous in some conditions) beach that he is preventing people from exercising their right to drown on an unpatrolled beach if they want to lol! if only we could vaccinate for STUPIDITY!

  51. oh my god what is wrong with this chick she get dropped on her head seriously the amount of people that drowned on a beach thats is not patrolled is unbelievable compared to one that is patrolled and shark attacks happen more on none patrolled beaches than on a patrolled beaches and not to vaccinated your kids you will kill them in the long run when they do actually come down with a disease as their immune system cant handle the bug im glade i dont live any where near her and her children i pity those poor children and having parents like thewm

  52. Does this idiot know that the majority of beaches patrolled are patrolled by volunteers. Believe me the are plenty of stupid people who would be dead if there wasn’t someone willing to save them

  53. I would also like to point out that vaccinations are free… lol
    Not sure if two working parents have to pay but I’m 100% sure that two unemployed parents on Centrelink payments do not have to pay. I’m a Uni mum on Centrelink benefits and my partner works full time. We’ve never paid a cent for the scheduled childhood vaccinations.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I have 2 kids and my partner and I both work fulltime. We have never had to pay for their vaccinations. Children under a certain age (I think its 14) are bulk billed at the doctors anyway!

  54. Awesome, let the anti-vax movement have this lunatic as their spokesperson, just shows what a bunch of alternative lifestyle, anti-establishment at all costs, dole bludger dickheads they actually are, let them all get the very diseases they refuse to immunize against and go for a swim on an unpatrolled beach and hopefully they’ll be swept out to sea and we won’t hear this utter bullshit again!

  55. HA! You idiots!! Can you not see that this is a spoof article?!? But go on and continue to call anyone who chooses to dare *question* what drugs we put into children’s bodies “uneducated” and “stupid”…

  56. Surely this is a wind up. Yeah there are a few people in that area educated by typing leading questions into Google, but most papers don’t publish quotes like the ones that end the article (language etc).
    If it is true, just shows that you can be quite pretty and very low on intelligence. If false, some poor girl and her boy have had stock footage of them tainted!
    For reference… very pro-vaxer here.

  57. Ever been to lismore / Nimbin these people are typical of the welfare bludging drug smoking idiots that live around there so what else can you expect, scares me to think about their childrens future.

  58. So you say you live and independent life… where do you get your money? Oh dear so you do need the oppressors for something….idiots!!!

  59. very judgemental comments that suggests that autistic children are undesirable in some way. The undesirables are hypocrites like mags who area drain on society they dont’t have a conscience about the origins of gvt handouts which includes taxes from big pharms. She sounds very paranoid to me there seems to be a conspiracy in every aspect of daily life, makes me wonder what she may be self-medicating with

  60. This is a perfect example of a dimwitted, uneducated, poorly informed adult who is under the impression that they are a well of knowledge.
    This is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever read- which is saying a lot with that is put on the internet these days.
    Most of our patrolled beaches are patrolled by VOLUNTEERS, ie. not funded by any government conspiracy.

    As for the government having a “hide” to request you to spend money on vaccinations…… where do you think that you’re slacker arse of a husband and yourself get your welfares from???

    blind leading the blind on this one here. For Pete’s sake.

  61. Go walk through the cemeteries and see how many children died before vaccination was invented. Whole families wiped out. We thanked the day we had the chance to live without the fear of being struck down by these deadly diseases. Your children are only babies, they have a long way to go and many chances of getting sick. Think of them not yourselves.

  62. once you watch a family member suffer from whopping cough or even die, then come back and have an opinion. You have no right to comment. Vaccinations safe lives. Please don’t let your children suffer from your ignorance.

  63. Poor Magnolia (or should I say poor Magnola’s children)

    Whe doesn’t realise that she’s also really suffered from state-sanctioned stupidity. Boy does she have it bad.

  64. How come they are having children when they do not have jobs and have not shown that they can independently support them
    sounds like a pair of losers to me.

  65. Oh my!! Such a shame the poor unfortunate children born to twits like this can’t be vaccinated against their parent’s utter stupidity. Perhaps Magnolia needs to go and speak to people who have actually contracted any of the horrific diseases our vaccination program has all but eradicated so she can make a half-way intelligent contribution to the vaccination debate. Better still, she should get herself a job and get out of the pockets of the tax payers that pay for her idyllic beachside lifestyle. Vacuous twit.

  66. Oh my!! Such a shame the poor unfortunate children born to twits like this can’t be vaccinated against their parent’s utter stupidity. Perhaps Magnolia needs to go and speak to people who have actually suffered any of the horrific diseases our vaccination program has all but eradicated so she can make a half-way intelligent contribution to the vaccination debate. Better still, she should get herself a job and get out of the pockets of the tax payers that pay for her idyllic beachside lifestyle. Vacuous twit.

  67. lifesaver

    a thing that saves one from serious difficulty.
    “a microwave could be a lifesaver this Christmas”

    a lifeguard working on a beach.

    Perhaps one day, should you have difficulty in the ocean, I pray something will get you a microwave.

  68. I respect her decision in not to vaccinate her kids, thats her choice, I vaccinate mine, and thats my choice…


    “Those red and yellow flags are nothing but symbols of oppression.”

    You are the biggest freaking retard on the face of the planet….

    Please….swim outside the flags, and when the life savers swim out RISKING THEIR LIVES FOR YOUR DUMB ASS, hopefully you will shut your mouth and give our surf life savers the god damn respect that they deserve!!!

    Please do not have any more kids, I feel so sorry that they have to be raised by parents who have such radical and idiotic views….

  69. Uneducated!!! I’m a nurse and have unfortunately seen the stupidity from parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children. Whooping cough in a 9month old is extremely heart breaking. Autism due Vaccinations, clearly she hasn’t read any Journal articles from reliable sources. Sadly this young woman and her husband have smoked too many bongs in Nimbin and now this has impeded their ability to make informed educated decisions on how to safely look after their children. Look by all means you feel free to swim outside the flags but do not take your child with you. I would hate to see your child be taken in a rip due to your stupidity and uninformed decisions. Lets just hope this woman does a little bit more research…

  70. There is no law that says you have to swim between the flags, so go a few kms away from them and swim all you want, just don’t expect any help when you get into trouble.

    kinda like anti vax really, I bet when your child gets sick, you’ll high tail it to the hospital.

    How fkn thick are some people??? I didn’t think it was possible to be THAT stupid.

  71. I think everyone else has covered how stupid this woman is, but they have all forgotten to mention how idiotic AVO are for using her as the face for their organisation. Honestly these people are the true reason condoms were invented. I like the hippy lifestyle but obviously too much acid is a bad bad trip.

  72. I seriously did not know that all governments controlled the ocean. Now I need to know how can I put in a request for it to be heated in winter so I can still swim. Can I also have permission to swim where ever I want or do I have to join her cult.
    My grandmother contracted polio. She was extremely lucky to live and to be able to walk. Her son however, even though he lived,he walked with calipers. A luxury we add Vaxxie people don’t have to worry about.

  73. SORRY…after all has been said and done….these are people called Banjo and Magnolia. From another world me thinkeths 😉

  74. Banjo…her husbands name is banjo and you ppl feel the need to question their ideals?

    Who gives a toss what these stoner, dole bludging losers think!?
    Let them go and perform a smudging ceremony to ward off polio while they wear tin foil hats to prevent satellite government mind control.

    Hippys are so lame!

  75. Did I really read this right or am I dreaming?? As usual anti-vaxxers have got ALL their facts wrong about vaccinations but her other comments are just completely ridiculous. As for them not working because their jobs have been outsourced???? Have they ever heard of getting a job in a different area? It’s something my husband had to do 3 years ago when he was one of the hundreds of people who lost their jobs in the coal mining industry. He has morals and found a different job as he refused to take welfare payments-something these people obviously have no morals about. Oh well, they won’t be getting any benefits from next year if they don’t vaccinate their children. Feel free to swim on unpatrolled beaches and I hope nothing happens to them but if it does at least we wouldn’t have to listen to their rubbish. I feel sorry for their children.

  76. She states “the hide the government must have to suggest we spend our welfare benefits on vaccinations”. Vaccinations are FREE.Dont know where she goes but ive never had to pay for them.And I bet she would be the first to complain about no life savers when one of her children or her husband drowns because there was no one there to save them.What an irresponsible mother/wife/person.She is putting everyone at risk by spreading preventable diseases and illnesses.Babys under the age of 3 months die because of people like her.She should be charged with murder when a baby dies of hooping cough then she might change her antivactination views

  77. Wow… If Magnolia hates the Government and oppression so much, she can start by not accepting the Gov money given to her through our taxes, or travelling on our roads, having her rubbish collected or using our health system.


  79. It’s a shame this hippie chick and her instrument husband have a voice and that we feel we have to respond to her stupidity. People like her are benefiting from intelligent vaccination programs and are too blind to see it.

  80. if your jobs have been outsourced to other areas, then I suggest that you move to where the jobs are and get your snouts out of the taxpayers’ trough. It’s fast running dry.
    regards SVL.

  81. As someone who has Autism I find this extremely offensive. I mean, what have people like me done to make you feel as if we’re a disease that should be avoided. I mean if it weren’t for the autistic society you wouldn’t have a lot of what you have today…
    To prove this here is a few(JUST A FEW) examples of the amazing inventions and creations made by autistic people.
    -the computer
    -the theory of evolution
    -the iPhone
    -the lightbulb
    -the modern periodic table of elements
    – the Mona Lisa painting
    -freaking Pokemon
    -fantastic books like the original little mermaid and ugly duckling and Alice in wonderland
    – inventions that handle animals in the most humane way possible
    -automatic gates
    – basically everything you see around you that you use, it was most likely an invention made by someone who had autism
    So before you go around insulting me and saying that having or being autistic is more horrible than dying of a horrible thing like whooping cough, look around you and be thankful for all that my community has given you. The light that leads you through the dark of night, the computer that gives you your ability to gain your nonsense information, the Internet that keeps you connected with loved ones, the medicine that keeps you and your family safe from sickness, the things that assist you with every struggle you may deal with… We made that for you, so stop treating us like a disease that needs to be exterminated. You never know, if there’s a crisis that puts humanity on the brink of extinction, we could invent what saves you and your family and those you cherish. Would you rather end up like the dinosaurs or improve as an amazing civilisation?
    Instead of treating us like a disease, treat us like we’re human.

  82. I cannot believe the stupidity of this woman. Sure she has the choice to vaccinate her children or not but at least base that choice on fact not rubbish. I bet she herself has been vaccinated. Not only is she putting her children at risk but all other children that come in contact with her and her children. Also does she not realise that vaccinations are free? Sorry but this article is doing nothing for the Antivaccination cause.

  83. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the reason the government feels the need to step in to make sure you look after your kids. Anyone who thinks surf lifesavers are a form of government oppression and would endanger the lives of her children because of that belief, needs to have their kids removed.

  84. Wowsers, this is taking thing a bit far and just makes anti vaxxera look foolish. I’m very much a fence sitter on vaxxing debate and believe it’s each parents right to make an informed, educated decision to have their child vaccinated or not. I researched and researched and found equal evidence on both sides so aired on the side of caution after declining the initial hep b, at birth, for both kids. One of my kids was in fact negatively effected by vaccines. Sahara had to be under a general anaesthetic at just 14 mths old for a biopsy on what the specialists believed was a tumour but thankfully was an abscess caused due to a vaccination injection. Had it not been surgically cleaned when it was she would have had septic blood poisoning as no one could pickup that it was an abscess and she was left the infection growing for months. Sahara than contracted chicken poxs a week prior to her vaccination for it and ended up with a staph infection from it. Both horrible times and both caused of the vaccination debate. Mason will get his 4 yr old needles.

  85. As this lady puts it “It should be a communities choice whether or not their children are patrolled by trained professionals. I demand my rights as a citizen to have the choice,”

    Since patrolled beaches are almost entirely patrolled by volenteers from local communities, wouldn’t it suggest that the community has chosen that they as a majority, through either volunteering, sponsoring or donating to clubs, want their children to be patrolled by trained persons.

  86. As a teacher, I would not want to have this woman’s child in my class. Not because of her child, but because I would be subject to her pathetic, arrogant and selfish attitude. If you don’t want to swim between the flags then don’t. But don’t ask for any assistance from the VOLUNTEER lifeguards if you or your child get into any trouble in unsupervised water. If you don’t want to vaccinate then don’t. But don’t ask for help from the medical system you so strongly damn…and don’t enrol your child in my class. I don’t want myself or the other lovely children to be put at risk because you don’t want to risk your child ‘catching’ autism. And by the way silly lady…if you did have a child with autism, they would not have ‘caught’ it from an injection and children with autism are bloody amazing, creative and kind.

  87. Swimming at un-patrolled beaches her choice. Evolution at work.

    Swimming with little kids at un-patrolled beaches stupid but again evolution at

    Not vaccinating, Putting society at risk, our kids, friends neighbours people with immune weaknesses – the old the young the frail. Unacceptable.

    Solution – No child care (won’t care because schooling is obviously for the unthinking robots that work and fund the country) and kids can receive benefits like their Mum.

    No dole (warming to this) no benefits without responsibilities.

    Make her work. Yep and banjo.

    I live in remote Australia, no nice beaches here. Be nice to think that our system promoted a little effort before deciding you wanted to live in paradise on the taxpayer without any responsibilities.

    Pretty bloody sad state of affairs. Have just read a book on the rats of Tobruk – sacrifice to be proud of as an Aussie but I would be embarrassed to show those blokes the indolence and indulgence we have allowed in our community.

    We need to have a good hard look at ourselves as a country and harden up and make the decisions that should be made.

    Anti Vaxxers live in a paradigm that says my kids are more important than yours because they (erroneously) think that their kids might get autism. Disproven repeatedly by scientists.

    Short story is if no one vaccinated their kids and disease like measles whooping cough or rubella were prevalent ridiculous rates of kids would die. What would happen then you selfish, good for nothing oxygen thieves. You’d be f$$%ed.

  88. Frankly, I think Magnolia’s comments on Surf Lifesaving are completely out of line and are based on unfounded assumptions. She does not appreciate the movement that Surf Lifesaving is, nor does she realise the important history that has given birth to it. It’s ridiculous how she views the red and yellow flags as ‘a sign of oppression’—the red and yellow flags, I’ll have you know, were a symbol of safety and mateship for the ANZACs, and when they returned home from the war, they adopted the same colours in Surf Lifesaving: TO SYMBOLISE SAFETY.

    The designated swimming areas marked by the red and yellow flags are put there to notify beachgoers where it is safest to swim—these areas are identified as being safe by trained, proficient and experienced lifesavers and lifeguards. Magnolia needs to realise that she already has a personal choice to swim outside of these safe areas. Unfortunately, this puts herself at risk, along with her children, should she choose to bring them into the water with her. Additionally, by swimming outside of the flags, she will unconsciously encourage other beachgoers to swim outside the flags also, which puts others at risk as well.

    It is not about oppression of control. The government does not force you to swim between the red and yellow flags. Lifesavers and lifeguards encourage you to swim between the flags for your own benefit and safety, but at the end of the day, THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

    Magnolia, stop attacking a volunteer movement that serves the public in order to provide a safe beach and aquatic environment for others; by all means, hold your own opinion, but don’t try and strike others down just to prove a point.

    Think what you want, and do what you want. Just don’t be an arsehole to others because of what you believe in.

  89. This idiot should get online and check out Polio what it does and what is happening to survivors now. What normal parent would put their child through that. Let her swim at unpatrolled beaches with a bit of luck she might be taken out to sea.

  90. Magnolia if you have a death wish don’t involve your innocent children in it as well. I would never wish this on anyone but I really hope your children are taken away from you and fostered to a family who would love them and protect them.

  91. Why don’t you all shut the fuck up and life and let life? Who the hell cares what choices she makes, and who the hell cares what choices you make? That’s what freedom’s all about, to be able to make your own mistakes and others theirs.

    I’m positive every single one of you commenting does or believes something that I’d call fucking retarded and vice versa, so get the hell on with your lives. Stop trying to force everyone to live by your morals and beliefs.

  92. what these idiots don’t realize, including some of the commentators, is the reason you live a healthy life unvaccinated is because everyone else is vaccinated, thereby stopping the spread of communicable disease to the idiots.
    The Bubonic Plague, measles, whooping cough, influenza killed hundreds of millions, more than all our wars combined, and they were halted by the discovery of what? Vaccines.
    Face of the anti vaxxers good grief, there’s something to be really proud of. Get an education, get a job and stop blushing off the society you profess to despise.

  93. I feel many readers here to need to update themselves on the information…

    1. To choose not to vaccinate a child is a parents right… Vaccines are a drug and like all drugs comes with risk…

    Is it not interesting that Doctors will tell you that vaccines are safe yet also have blanket liability coverage as it relates to vaccines… hmmmm call me a skeptic but that doesn’t add up

    2. Doctors don’t make policy only follow policy – so who makes the policy?

    I have interviewed many doctors on various topics and guess what…. they know little about the hows/why’s of policy and topics (ie vaccinations) other than what they are told to parrot or follow

    3. A lot of un-truths from the CDC and other pharmaceutical/drug companies has come out – showing that this is NOT a black and white area and further investigation is still needed

    I could go on… but will leave it there

    But my biggest concern is the level of hatred and anger people have here… why hate?

    I feel many of us guilty of passing judgement on a topic we really have little understanding about… so why try to position yourself in a place of authority?


    How can you talk from a place of authority when even researchers and phd’s cant agree on this topic yet

    Peace and love to all!

  94. It has been proven that the link to vaccines and Autism has never existed. It was a fictional fact made up by a anti-vaxer to help in their ridiculous plot to stop parents from inoculating their children. Why? Who knows what makes people like this fruitcake exist . This is a perfect example as to why whooping cough has come back and killing poor little babies like that boy little boy I’m Sydney, because brainless people like Magnolia fail to vaccinate their children and they are carriers infecting everybody. Her kids have been raised healthy? What, they’re still young. Her kids have just been lucky so far, let’s see what the future holds. I hope for everybody else’s sake they don’t fall ill but if they do this brainless git has bought it on herself but at her children’s expense, what a shame.

  95. Magnolia and Banjo, you have the right to not have booster shots for the vaccinations that you had as children but I feel that you do not have the right to not have your children not vaccinated. These are free for all children, no money is expected nor accepted to have your children immunised and live in this country free of dieses that will and have killed children around this world. Please have your children vaccinated and you will see that there will be no side affects to your children as you believe there will be but you would be happy to know that they will have the benefit and be proud that their parents cared enough to have them immunised. Yes its your right to say no but think about your children later in life not just now but their future, cause if they unfortunately get one of these dieses they will not have the power to fight them and that’s what immunisations do. Remember don’t use the hospitals either as they have the power to help your child with shots of antibiotics as well. Just grow up and think before you speak as it makes you look like idiots and I am sure your not.

  96. Are Australians really this stupid??? And I am not referring to Magnolia but the absolute morons in this comments section? Wow…

    • Hahaha… I can’t believe how long it took me to go through the comments to see someone that was thinking the same thing. I was actually wondering if people were deliberately going along with the article??

  97. oh dear, whilst I’m considered quite ‘hippy’ by my mothers standards and I did live in the northern rivers for a few years amongst the cashed up and down and out hippies. I would reassure my mum I use soap and whilst I’m fond of clean fresh organic food. I’m grateful for my Education that allows me to make Very informed decisions. Unfortunately the Northern rivers whilst a lovely place it’s also literally a Petri dish for crackpot ideas to fester. They not really educated as Magnolia has proven, they just spread fear amongst each other, conspiracy theories are rife. The gluten bread may not be moldy but there shared thoughts are.
    Magnolia has it in her head that the pharmaceutical companies are behind this to make money. NO HONEY VACCINATIONS ARE. ONE THE MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH LIFESAVING INVENTIONS IN THE PAST 100 years. They’ve saved countless young children’s lives from horrible painful deaths or lifelong disabilies. TB, Polio, tetnus, whooping cough, measles, rhubella all these afflictions were brutal and swept through communities. Science is awesome and came up with a solution, the vaccine, it got tested on animals first then humans. They’ve been so successful that TB was almost COMLETELY eradicated. Now it just so happens that the onset of Autism coincides with 18 month olds vaccination shots and people drew conclusions. However science looks for conclusive proof not coincidence. So many many science tests wre done to check if autism was related. In All tests it was ruled out. Not for the convenience of a drug company along money, but more for the reassurance of the governments running vaccine program. Governments are providing for the greatest good, a healthy community is an effective one, growing discovering, earning.i wish the naive antivaxers would go and learn how science works. No it’s not infallible but it has it strengths. Vaccines are so important that they operate only on an extremely high success rate. Where’s gastric bypass might be 70% sometimes doctors will act with even way less odds like removing a brain tumour. Because quality of life is being lost, and it’s a gamble, an educated one life is extremely importan. Another myth por ported by the ant vaxers is that we are administering it to babies in Mercury solutions. PULEASE.its just not a lethal dose like the arsenic you eat in apples all the time. And Magnolia if you want to avoid a pharmaceutical money making scam Don’t take antibiotics unless you are on your death bed and under attack by a definite bacteria. If this doesn’t sink in please swim wherever you please, look for th flat spots and swim swim swim out be a good Aussie, follow the rips, drown if you will. The last thing this overpopulated earth requires is ignorant stupid breeding people adding to the woes.

  98. What a lot of awful nasty comments, as a mother of a child with autism who is now ten I wish I had been aware of the years ahead where ignorant people would link a loving parent vaccinating without any thought that the vaccination could cause autism. I have had people on both sides of this fence throw this in my face, and it’s not always as clear cut as people here are stating. As for the horrid comments regarding drowning, taxes, and name calling not just here in the comments but also from Surf Livesafers President, Bob Rourke.

    I had both our children immunized, swim between the flags, and have been lucky enough to always have work when I wanted it. 100% clarity on causes of autism has yet to be announced as far as I know, would I immunize our children now???? I’d like to think I would have access to both sides of the story and be able to make decisions for our family rather than be forced (in any way) to do something as important as this just because the current rules tell me I have no choice (especially if I am someone who is on benefits – by the way not all people on welfare are as described in the comments above).

    Also have to say that people on the spectrum can live happy independent lives as well.

    How about cutting out the name calling and actually working together to understand each other,to raise out children to respect and discuss the opinions of others, to show compassion and to resort to being human beings again.

  99. Hahahahha the red and yellow flags signal oppression. Let’s just sit back and watch natural selection in action.
    Oh! To the head lifeguard. I love you. Thank you for saying what we’re all thinking

  100. Oh, Magnolia. How naive you are darling. Life saving organizations are not heavily government funded (if at all). The rely on a mass of very generous and qualified life savers who have gained their qualifications for the most part, at their own expense. These people are volunteering to ‘protect’ us in the water, not ‘control’ us. You do not need to spend your welfare payments on vaccinations either love. They are free. You have managed to raise two healthy children due to the fact that a high percentage of the nation chooses to vaccinate their children. I have three healthy children. They have all been vaccinated. Your arrogance and self righteous attitude toward society is ignorant and immature. If only you could ask you great grandparents, or further back still what it was like raising babies without medical assistance and intervention. I am very certain the would shake their head at your decision not to protect your children, and our community from potential deadly disease. Ask the old man down the street who contracted polio as a child and is now unable to walk, or the poor, poor family who lost their precious little baby to whooping cough recently what their opinion is. If we had an outbreak here Magnolia, and vaccination was the only way of protecting your child from potential death, what would you do? Do you travel? Have you had your typhoid injection or your hep A? Will you safe guard your children from these potential risks of you venture to countries which pose a risk of disease? A friend of mine went to Indonesia and returned with typhoid. These diseases are real and without community support, will return with great risk. Did you know that northers NSW has one of the highest reported cases of whooping cough? Hmm. I wonder why. I can’t help but be angry and can only see your ploy as an immature approach to a ‘trend’ that is running ride through many areas due to misconception, anti government paranoia and lack of education .

  101. I am a mother of two girls and have no problem with immunization. I believe that my children’s health is important.
    One of my daughters has autism and just so u know, autism is something a child is born with, not caused by anything.
    Magnolia has a right to a choice but has not gathered all info before opening her mouth on the issue. I work part time in a job I don’t necessarily like and live in area. The jobs are out there if u r willing to work.

  102. I hope this chick is one of the first people to get their welfare payments cut as a result of not vaccinating, can’t believe my tax dollars are going to this idiot.

  103. You know what, you don’t want to vaccinate your children that’s fine but then keep your children away from my children!! Everybody is entitled to their own choices and beliefs as long as it doesn’t threaten or hurt other people. Not vaccinating your children can hurt, maim and even cause death!! SO WAKE UP TO YOURSELF!!
    Also if this woman is so hung up on the government then I am sure she will home school her children and keep them out of the government run schools. And no government assistance for you.
    I bet she has no problem being on the dole!
    No Vacses then you can’t have none of my taxes!!

    As far as her red and yellow flag business. Good luck to you lady! I hope you never need the great volunteers to rescue you or your children out of a rip!

  104. On no with the policy suggested, no vax no pay, how will she survive then. She might even have to go out and get a job.

  105. Oh please, stop, I am crying with laughter at the comments to this article. I find her proposal quite modest, but the reactions are priceless.

  106. What a complete and utter moron, I sincerely hope her kids get measles & stung by box jellyfish.

    Anyone who doesn’t vaccinate their kids should have no access to medicare or welfare.

    Gotta love Bob Rourke’s comments made my day!!

    • I don’t want her children, your children or anyone else’s children to ever get Measles. I’ve nursed the end result which is a lifetime of heartbreak for a family coping with a brain damaged child who was too young to be immunized when he caught the disease. Last time I saw him at 14 years of age he had not developed mentally past 2 years of age, was curled up in a foetal position and was suffering multiple fitting attacks daily. This family was on call 24 hours a day feeding, bathing and changing diapers for a very loved child that as a result of some uncaring parent who had decided their child did not need to be immunized and when he got measles thought a measles carrying child was OK to go to out in public. As someone has already stated “you can’t vaccinate against stupidity”, they are so right. It is Magnolias choice for her child but she has no right making the choice of a possible death sentence for another person’s child.

  107. “…proud to be chosen as the voice and face of the Anti-Vaccination movement Anti-Vaxxers Organise (AVO).”

    Nice one! Obviously chosen for your bloody good looks, and most definitely not your brains!

    1) Get them vaccinated
    2) Get a job
    3) Shut your mouth
    4) Remain a Yummy Mummy

    Someone please hold me down, I am ropeable!

    • man i would like to help you out but i am so ropeable myself i am having problems, like i would like to drive up there and kick this silly woman right up her arse.

  108. Everyone too there own, so what do you say too your children when they are sick and dying because you never took the time for a doctors vist,or when you have died yourself and your children die younger than most because you decided there fate. Polio comes too mind, but you are to young to have seen these young children suffer back in the 50s.

  109. I’ve heard and read a lot of thoughts from anti vaxxers but Magnolia you win the prize for the most ignorant. If you are feeling so oppressed by our government then stop receiving the payments you are using to bring up your children and get a job. I’m guessing your children won’t be going to school or using hospitals, parks, playgrounds etc . By the way, if you don’t want to swim between the flags then don’t, nobody is making you. Don’t expect anyone to save you if you’re caught in a rip or drowning though.

  110. We actually don’t want her kids swimming between the flags… in fact we don’t want her kids swimming near ours at all… we don’t even want them on the same beach.

    P.S. the drug companies that produce the vac’s are US based (Pfizer/Merck)… so the govt. have little interest in their profit or taxes… they actually pay tax in Singapore for their Aus operations… like Google.

  111. I hope that if ever her, her husband or kids get into trouble at the beach the Surf Lifesavers turn their backs on them. Now we know her she should be ignored by the local community. Her and her family will only have their friends of the same ilk. Shun her and her family.
    Rant over.

  112. Wow, the stupidity of some ppl. Firstly she and her husband need to be investigated by the government to make sure they are not receiving any benifits at all. They should then make her the face behind their vaccination campaigns with the explanation ” vaccinate your child or else they may turn stupid like this woman “. Let them swim at unpatrolled beaches it may help cleanse this world of mis-informed idiots

  113. does she show such righteous indignation when collecting benefits frim the government … I wonder?

    Please go ahead & swim outside the flags – you can also be the face of this years Darwin awards!!!

  114. I’m very happy Magnolia (what a pretty name) is the face and voice of the anti-vaxxer “movement”. She is a perfect example of the kind of ill-informed, anti-social thinking which dominates and drives these people. You see, to Magnolia and her ilk it’s all about them, and their choices for their children. The rest of us don’t matter a damn. She’s prepared to risk her gorgeous children’s health by believing thoroughly scientifically debunked nonsense about a link between autism and vaccination because it suits her worldview. However, she has no regard for the safety of other people’s babies who are too young (under 6mths) to be immunised to pertussis (whooping cough).if they catch it off her unimmunised progeny, well, that’s just tough. Or the elderly. Or the immune compromised, due to other reasons. Or anyone, for that matter. As for measles, I’m sure she’d see it as a gift from Gaia, let’s just forget about the thousands of deaths world-wide annually for this “benign” childhood disease. As long as her precious little ones are not “vaccine injured” and she can swim anywhere “unpatrolled”, well the rest of us can go hang. Or drown.

  115. Mongolia you are an insult to people who live everyday with Autism. autism is the least of my problems, it’s your hippy living abilities who are the biggest threat to my children. It has been proven that Autism has nothing to do with vaccinations And trust me you know nothing of the autism path.

  116. The reason her children have grown up healthy so far is due to the responsible action of those around her to vaccinate their children against these horrific diseases. When 90% of the population are vaccinated it greatly reduces these diseases. The problems arise when the vaccination uptake falls below this percentage and these diseases then circulate in society putting those who even have been vaccinated at risk. Look what happened in the UK in late 90s when there was a link made with the MMR vaccine and autism. The vaccination uptake rapidly declined and the incidence of these diseases rose rapidly along with the life threatening complications also associated. The doctor who made this link was struck off from the medical register in the UK. But yet still allowed to practice in the US. I can understand parents concers when vaccines are linked to risks but you have to ask yourself the question is the risk greater to my child if I do not vaccinate? People need to make informed decisions. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? YES. If every parent opted not to vaccinate these conditions would circulate and not all children would grow up healthy. FACT!! We can all blame someone but maybe before we be critical trust the experts who work diligently that they are giving us the best advice with the evidence they have at that time. Sure, guidelines change as new evidence evolves, that’s only natural. But I think I would trust these specialists to advise on current information available. Be responsible! Make informed decisions!!

  117. I hope these anti vaxxers don`t go to the doctors for any reason,after all these anti vaxxers have better knowledge than the medical profession,ANY operation has health risks so i guess the parents or the children will never have an operatiopn they will just let nature take its course will they.there is a story in todays paper about a canadian woman i think it is where she WAS an anti vaxxer untill all of her kids got whooping cough,and guess what she went to the doctors you know those people that don`t know anything about sickness,but at least she has now changed her mind about vaccinations.

  118. So damn frustrating reading this stupid bitch talking absolute crap. I’m sick to death of these ill-informed conspiracy theorists with big mouths further ill-informing the next generation of idiots to come. It’s science. It works. There are exceptions and a very rare amount of kids get badly effected, from what I have read, this could be due to a pre-existing immuno disorder…but do the math you frickin morons!!! Too young to remember the tragedies of the past and too stupid to do the research with an open mind. How come they’re all behind the science of climate change and reject this medical science? Baffling.

  119. In fact, I’d like to see a Q&A show dealing with this topic. Get the anti-vaxxers out from behind their computers and put their facts on the table.

  120. I was getting all fired up to write a scathing reply about Magnolia and her ‘insightful’ beliefs, but you have all done it for me. Brilliant!….(which is something that you could never say about Magnolia). Though I do question why her comments were ever worthy of publication in the first place….

  121. I really hope that everyone actually does realise that this article is taking the piss, its quite evidently not real, what the fuck is wrong with you all…

  122. As a life guard myself, this is bull. The flags are there so that protection is easier and more manageable for us and the reason patrols are there in the first place is to save lives. Without patrols, who is going to save the drowning child or missing person? A person with enough initiative is rare in those circumstances and a trained person is rarer.

  123. Get a job! You and your husband are just sponges of society. If you had a job you wouldn’t have the time to be on the conspiracy websites. Your welfare payments should be cut. You shouldn’t get the two free days a week childcare. The same child care that I am forced to pay and takes a huge chunk of my pay each fortnight. People like you, your deadbeat husband and your nut job anti-vaxer mates make me sick. Should go a step further and if your kids get sick from preventable disease, you should be charged with child abuse and neglect!

  124. I’m happy with this, as no life savers now required means I don’t have to risk my life to swim in an unsafe area to save the idiot that does. Magnolia, you should put road rule on your list to target as this to is also a breach of your freedom of choice. Well it obvious AVO will make an impact with such a twit at the helm.

  125. What an absolute loser this couple should have there children taken off them for child endangerment and have there welfare payments stopped and made to get a job instead of sponging off us tax payers saying that you get Autism from vaccinations is the biggest load of bullshit and that it is all a government conspiracy is just plain stupid I bet they wear tin foil hats as well

  126. I wonder if there parents vaccinated them. I hope that girl of her doesnt get rubella when shes pregnant because she can thank her parents if zhe does.

  127. this is a beautiful free country where people can choose which vax to give or not to give. if I had Dr’s give my son MEASLES VAX THAN HE WOULD NOT HAVE CAUGHT MEASLES AT 18 MTHS. This left him deaf. Fortunately now many years later he has good hearing. It took 3 specialists and 5 operations over 4 years to fix the damage measles did to his inner ear drums. As for the beach, our life savers are specially trained to “read” the beach. can you tell if there in an under current, rip? do you know how to teach your children what to do if caught in a rip? do you know which direction the water is running? and lots more. I love the beach, as you do, but you must respect the advice from experienced life savers. if you have their full knowledge than have a good beach day with healthy kids. P.S. am teaching my grand daughter to swim between flags- safer in water and away from un-vaxed kids. all the best

  128. I am just dying here. You guys all know the Betoota Advocate is a fake news site don’t you and this is just a wind up…don’t you

  129. The most concerning thing anout this entire page is the number of people that took this seriously and ranted believing it’s a credible news source.

  130. Gary believes that the idea of “leftist dole bludgers” are a perfect example of an intrusive government asserting unnecessary taxation over the people to pay for them.

    “It should be a communities choice whether or not their taxpayers are required to subsidise these brain dead idiots. I demand my rights as a citizen to have the choice,”

  131. I think Magnolia is far too thin and her baby looks quite pale – look how fair her hair is. They should both be vaccinated to build up their immunity to protect them from all the diseases that land in Byron Bay. If they are going to swim then they should at least swim between the flags to make them safer. These hippies are so ignorant.

    PS. I am on a road trip Bris to Port Mac on Sunday. Would love to buy the baby a nice juicy shot of wheat grass to build her natural immunity. 😉

  132. Some people should not be allowed to speak! Magnolia do yourself a favour and quit speaking publically. If your child was stuck in a rip would you be able to swim out and rescue them?

  133. Let me guess, Magnolia and Banyo, while against all of the Governments control, still probably get welfare off the Government.
    Of course that is one thing from the Government they are happy to have.
    Living in Byron Bay with no job……..mmmm

  134. This woman is living in the wrong century, she belongs back in 18th or 19th century then see what her thoughts are!!!!!

  135. You and your husband get a job, you are both a drain and a danger to society. You DO NOT deserve welfare, you un educated, pro disease, selfish advocates

  136. Magnolia, I think you have the wrong idea concerning the red and yellow flags. they merely indicate where lifesavers believe it is the safest area to swim, or where the safest area is, due to the personel and equipment available. You have every right to swim wherever you wish and even if you get into trouble outside the flagged area we will do everything possible to assist you. Simply put . . . that is what we do !

  137. If your fear of vaccinations stems from an unfactual idea that vaccines cause Austism I would like you to consider this… What is more frightening? The chance of life threatening diseases or Autism!!! There are way worse things that having a child with Autism. I wonder if you will change your mind when you are not entitled to the child care rebate etc because your children are not vaccinated. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I feel you should educate yourself before becoming such a strong advocate for your beliefs. I pray your children have long happy lives and are not effected by your ignorance.

  138. I didn’t read much further thatn the negative comments towards her.
    I commend her and all parents her informedly make their justified descisions.
    I don’t think people comprehend what sheep we are. Years ago I was told by a greek friend you reaaly don’t see whats going on in the world they sanction our media. I have been abroad and thats true to this day.
    Greenies helped us see the damage they were doing to our forests/waterways/animals/mammals….yes those tree huggers who save dolphins from tuna nets.
    I’m not going to BULLY her or any of you…..I vaccinated my children …..are they safer because of it?? maybe or maybe my sons ADD as was diagnosed to me was a fall out. I actually hadn’t given it a lot of though. I did what I was told and that was prior to any monetary convincing. I do think it quite suss they what to lure peope with dollars.
    I have heard quite a fw unusual and unbelievable things in my life ….I applaud anyone who has the gumption an guts to stand up to such ridicule. She’s not doing it to hurt anyone as I see it…..more to open eyes.
    The sheep theory is new to me but I do see it.

    • Dear me Sue. If you wish to put yourself in a box labelled “sheep without a brain” feel FREE to do so but please do not include the rest of us who have taken the time and used our brains to do the simple research and then make a decision based on Scientific facts. We do this for the benefit of our own children plus all the other children who have parents who are too lazy, thick or just plain ignorant to do the same. It’s amazing how enervated these people become when they are going about applying for, collecting and spending every little thing they can get with no input on their part and bu**er everyone else.

  139. You are all a bunch of retards. I don’t agree with everything she says, but good on her for doing what she believes in and speaking up. It takes guts to challenge entrenched, shit for brains monkeys which seem to make up the majority of our backwards hick country.
    “Follow the rules, don’t question, shut up and work”.
    Who brain washed you all with this bullshit?!!

    • You qualify for the same response I gave Sue above. And do you mean by your statement you don’t have a work ethic either. If so SHAME on YOU.

  140. I quote “Magnolia says despite the fact that both her and her husband are unable to work due to the outsourcing of jobs in her local area”

    Well so what you lost your job – get another one

    They are not unable to work they choose not to

  141. Magnolia dear. You cannot have children independent like you, when you are plainly not!
    As long as you are taking regular welfare benefits, you are DEPENDANT. You depend on hard working Australians GIVING you some of their wages so you can have the luxury of days at the beach with your children, and time to agitate on unproductive, dangerous ideas.

    I would suggest you volunteer at a rest home or help children before or after school with reading. Maybe start a volunteer meals on wheels for new mums.

    How about baby sitting for less fortunate solo mums who may be WORKING and struggling to PAY for their childcare.
    (You are DEPENDANT on them to keep working to pay for YOUR life style.)

    Learn to listen and THINK before you jump into the rip tide. You sound as though you may be on the ASD spectrum yourself.

  142. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and these comments it provided me an excellent morning laugh. I have my degree from Canada in autism and behaviour science earlychildhood education and child developmental psychology and practice here in Australia. This woman and her husband are complete quacks. First off I don’t really believe their real names are magnolia and banjo something tells me they have chosen those as their ‘earth’ names. The sad thing about this whole situation is that this mothers decision to not vaccinate her child isn’t considered child abuse! I am a mother of 2 boys and I vaccinated both my children not because I believe in vaccines (I do) but because in 20 years from now I would think that when my kids were asked if they would have wanted to be vaccinated they would say yes. It’s not my life I am impacting it’s my child and his or her future. These parents buy into the idea that vaccines cause autism. This is unproven but even if there was a basis for this claim parents have th option to break up the MMR vaccine into individual shots instead of one group one. Also who as a loving parent would care if their child “suddenly developed” autism? If it changed you loving your child then maybe you should never have had children in the first place! Does having a child autism make life more difficult? Certainly but it also enriches it and teaches you compassion and understanding which is evidently something these people don’t have based on their brainwashed ideals putting the children of others at risk. I am all for this no vaccinate no benefits best decision ever made. Just ask the mother of a child who’s newborn died of whooping cough from you implementing your ‘right’ If it didnt hurt a child I would say these parent should have their children exposed to these diseases they refuse to protect against and be forced to stand by and see them suffer because that is the only way they will understand. Sad isn’t it. Maybe some virtual reality could be created for them to experience that pain and uncertainty. They are obviously living in some form of it now.

  143. Yes please continue to swim outside the flags. Soon, hopefully, you will be chosen by nature for an overseas holiday. I hope I am walking by at the time so I can wave goodbye to you as you drift off on your new voyage. Oh but don’t choose Florida as your destination, I just heard they have made it a requirement to test drug free before you receive any welfare payments there.

    What a great Idea. I am glad the Australian government are starting to block benefits for no immunisation, hope it continues to drugs soon.

  144. Are you serious? Really, actually serious?
    The red and yellow flags are there so people can be watched to ensure they do not get sucked away by tides they cannot handle.
    Are you aware of how many people are caught in rips, how many people drown, how many peoples lives are taken because perhaps they travel here and do not know the ocean well, perhaps they are not great swimmers, or they are children.
    I for one am thankful that if i lose my grip in the ocean someone will notice as i will be between the flags and my life will be saved. I am thankful there are people who are committed to ensure my and my sons safety.

  145. Oh and also… i have lived in Lismore and surrounding areas and jobs are not out sourced to the point you cannot get employed, hospitality is a strong industry in the area. Yes you have to try to get a job, perhaps try harder then if you were city bound but i think you and your partner just want to frolick around mooching off tax payers with no responsibility like children. I understand being a mother you wish to raise your babies rather then work but what excuse does your partner have?

  146. lol so many people on here upset over a fake article. i am neither for or against this issue, yet i do believe we have the right to chose. seriously, get angry about some real issues. so what if we have massive health risks to the population, the large population of people directly contributes to the risk of disease spreading and mutating, get educated people, geeez :/

  147. Magnolia and Banjo. Kinda says it all. As for swimming between the flags. Go on go for it. drownings. I wonder how that’s fly with the dozens of people I’ve rescued?

  148. Tipping none of the sheeple here have had their 17 soon to be mandatory shots?
    Surfed and swam all over Australia, never even seen these flags anywhere. Teach kids to swim and they don’t need to swim between the flags.
    74 shots before age 18 and 52 of them before age 6. No way. Add my kids ages together and that’s 52 years of not one “vaccine preventable disease”.
    My kids are healthier than yours.
    Fuck vaccines.
    There isn’t even a study on the cumulative effects of all these useless poisining shots.
    Enjoy your poisons.

  149. anti vaxxers are anti-life.
    Get your kids vaccinated.
    if you don’t and they get sick you should be prosecuted and fined.

    When I was a kid polio, tuberculosis and rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, mumps, etc were rife.
    Its only by vaccinating children over decades that these and other infections, diseases, have almost been elimitated.

    It is immoral for any parents to deprive their children of any vaccine that will protect them.

    Don’t even start on your freedom to make your own decisions regarding your children and their health.
    You do not know any of the risks or consequences.

    There is also the much wider consideration of other peoples children and familys to take into account.

  150. When you of your children get sucked into a rip or get stung by something, please don’t come crying to the public or anyone really for that matter. The flags are there to protect us from the dangers that we can’t see in the ocean.

  151. Right, so next time she has tonsillitis or a chest infection she should say no to antibiotics. I am sick of these ‘parents’ claiming that they are experts on childhood deceases just because they googled ‘vaccinations causes autism’. Just look at polio, smallpox, whooping cough, tetanus, rabies, Tuberculosis, Measles, Hib disease have all been solved by the invention of vaccines. The issue is that people like this keep things like whooping cough alive by refusing to vaccinate. Go to youtube and search for ‘House anti vaccine’ and watch. Its more about saving lives then making $15 from a vaccination.

    These people are the ones that claim that we shouldn’t have to have a drivers licence or register their cars as they believe that they shouldn’t have to and they have the right to refuse. I say put them on a plane and let some other country deal with them.


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