20 July, 2016 14:45


The Australian Federal Police have reportedly raided the HSV-7  (Global Television) studios in Melbourne this afternoon in response to the increasing accusations that the Channel Seven reality TV Program, Dancing With The Stars has links to extremism and hate-preaching throughout the living rooms of our country’s jaded middle class.

The AFP received a tip off after Labor senator Sam Dastyari and former Dancing With The Stars contestant, Pauline Hanson argued black and white last night while seated next to one another on the ABC’s Q&A program.

Disagreement arose among the panellists over Muslim immigration after a questioner called for Ms Hanson to explain the basis behind her calls for a Royal Commission into Islam.

“Why are you pushing this agenda and pushing fear into our community?” she asked

Dastyari and Hanson had several exchanges about Islam.

Dastyari and Hanson had several exchanges about Islam. Photo: ABC TV

Pauline Hanson, who twice referred to Australia as a ‘Christian Nation’ was unable to answer the question, but was then given platform for an Anti-Islamic spiel.

During her address Hanson made several references to the late Curtis Cheng, the sole victim of the 2015 Parramatta Police Station Shooting – one of many Asian-Australians that ‘swamped’ our nation’s streets during Pauline Hanson’s previous anti-Asian platform in the 1990s.

However, it was shortly after the broadcast that Senator Sam Dastyari connected the dots between the 11-year-old institution of low quality reality television and the rise of far-right extremism.

The moment the penny dropped for Senator Sam Dastyari
The moment the penny dropped for Senator Sam Dastyari

Speaking to the media today, ‘Dasher’ says he made a phone call to some close friends at the AFP shortly after leaving the ABC studios in Ultimo.

“First Hanson, then Sonia yesterday…”

“It’s these Dancing With The Stars personalities, moit… They are sleeper cells,”

“Channel 7 is aiding an abetting a dangerous strain of extremism in our country”

Yesterday morning, The Toowoomba-born former host of Dancing With The Stars, Sonia Kruger called for Australia to stop taking in Muslim migrants, citing a recent article by News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt, which linked terrorism in France to the nation’s intake of Muslim migrants.

These comments come not even a week after Channel 7 announced that they were in need of a new terrorism expert after Pauline Hanson’s decision to avoid mainstream news.

“It’s all happening at Channel 7, moit” said Dasher.

“They are breeding hate, we have Australians who fear walking down the street because of them”

The AFP were able to confirm the raids, but were not yet able to clarify a body count. More the come.



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