A bloke who spent his mid-2010s blowing money on the opportunity to take recreational drugs within the same vicinity as pretty girls in an uncomfortably noisy venue surrounded by intimidating security guards – is still doing just that, it can be confirmed.

However, he’s no longer enduring the heat of a far-flung suburban sporting stadium in the middle of summer, and he’s not booking max taxis to get there. Nowadays it’s all air-con and air travel.

He’s also no longer wearing quick-dry short shorts with a stringlet hanging out the back of his waist. Now it’s a comfortable button up and a pricey pair of denim jeans.

The pingers and amyl nitrate have been replaced by cartel-grade cocaine, and his pill testing kit has been replaced by fentanyl narcocheck strips.

The Stereosonic Days are over, and so too is the gruelling gym regime that allowed him to be photographed shirtless in his very early days of social media. This former tradie is no longer on the tools at work either, swapping them out for a pair of chinos and timberlands as a construction manager.

But the obnoxious multiple-day bender lives.

Only in 2024, this kind of hedonism looks like NRL Vegas Round.

It’s a simple concept. All he needs is couple of premium economy tickets to LA, followed by a 5 and a half hour private car ride to Sin City, close to ten grand on a medium tier casino hotel room – and a roaring group chat of likeminded middle-aged meatheads.

For 36-year-old Betoota-based construction manager Kye Murmach, March 2nd can’t come soon enough.

“Oi you coming to Vegas?” he asks a workmate, who won’t be going because he also has kids – and a wife who doesn’t believe he enjoys rugby league enough to justify spending the best part of a week in the Northern Hemisphere watching two NRL matches in an American football stadium

“Gonna be so good”

“Only problem is they reckon my gambling apps won’t work over there”

“Hope there’s somewhere I can put a bet on”


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