Caucasian footy player Toby Rowntree has decided to take a giant leap of faith this afternoon.

Sitting shirtless in the setting sun, on the side of the footy field, Toby was finally comfortable enough to call one of his Polynesian teammates “uce.”

With a lukewarm can of bitter in one hand, and a pair of sunnies shading his precious white boy eyes from the harsh Australian sun, Toby says to Esi, “You had a mean session today uce.”

Slightly unsure of what to say, Esi responded with “hahaha thanks gee. You too.”

Fellow teammate Luke Johnston, who was sitting with earshot, said he did his best to keep it together after hearing the comment.

“He’s just broken the seal. I think we are going to see a lot more of this”

“I mean I love throwing uso, or dox around as much as the next bloke, but he said it with a stone cold face.” said Luke.

Rowntree said that “It actually felt a bit weird to say, but I’ve ripped the band-aid off now, So I reckon I might throw it around a bit more.”

“The boys reckon it makes me sound skux”

“[High pitched giggle]”


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