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FORMER TEST GREAT Rob Quiney is set to release his own memoir from his time at the top, detailing some explosive stories from his two Test matches in 2012.

Despite only scoring nine runs in his first match in Brisbane against South Africa and collecting a pair in his second Adelaide test match, the 34-year-old was privy to some of the most controversial and extraordinary moments in Australian cricket – some of which are still brought up today.

“I was there when Ricky Ponting, in a fit of rage, threw a half-empty bottle of Gatorade up into the ceiling fan in the dressing room at the Adelaide Oval. It crashed into the blades and was thrown across the room, landing in a rubbish bin at the other end of the room,” he said.

“The whole dressing room erupted,”

“That was also the Adelaide test that Ed Cowan scored his 136. When he finally got out, we didn’t even pour beer on him because we thought he’d sue us or go on a podcast and tell people that we were jerks,” he wrote.

Quiney’s book is being released just in time to compliment the Rod Marsh and Sourav Ganguly biographies, which have already drummed up a large amount of publicity. However, the powerhouse Victorian’s publishing house has a few ideas on how to get the book into the hands of the average punter.

“I thought we could drop like a thousand or so out of a plane during the fourth Test match next week, like a para drop,” said Rob.

“But apparently I wrote too much and the books are a bit too heavy. It might kill somebody just sitting there minding their own business watching the cricket. One minute you’re enjoying the sun and the crack of willow on leather, then you’re enjoying the crack of literature on your head,” he said.

“But it’s a no go.”


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