After growing public pressure regarding the controversial Size For Age Policy, the Sydney Junior Rugby Union has been forced to cave.

Following allegations, an 11-year-old was forced off the field halfway through an Under 11s/12s game because of his size, the SJRU and Rugby in general, has hosted a fierce debate about size restrictions for young players.

However, the game that is supposed to cater for all shapes and sizes has now been forced to cave on the policy after a resounding statement from a local father of 3.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” said Dale ‘Bluey’ Blumenthal.

The 64-year-old semi-retired electrician issued the seminal quote a short time ago down at Betoota’s Lord Kidman Hotel, and it has sent shockwaves around the country.

The huge statement was then backed up by the confirmation that he’s ‘been saying it for years’.

“Back in my day, we’d be queuing up to put hits on the biggest fella out there,” he explained.

“Back when blokes were blokes, and kids wanted to be blokes who had a crack and never backed down in the face of a bigger bloke,” said the dad with David Warner levels of little man syndrome.

Bluey reckons if his kids were still playing he’d just tell em to chop a big fellas ankles and then swivel around and get a bit of elbow in the face when the ref looks away for a second.

“No wonder we’ve got a national team full of fucking cats,” explained the 13 game Betoota Dolphin who had ‘his career cut short by injury’

“May as well call it touch footy aye. Rugby League’s not much fucking better.”



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