Long considered a taboo in the world of construction, in recent years both sides of the trade union debate have increased their use of the profanity.

It has been confirmed by linguistics experts that ‘grub’ is currently at its most popular in both rugby league and workplace disputes, with the once rarely used terminology is starting to become a household expression.

The current record for grubs was broken last month during a a local meeting between a prominent Brisbane construction company and the unions, which resulted in more ‘grubs’ than there are ‘fucks’ in Martin Scorsese’s entire filmography.

Local union rep, Gough Rametti says that the boss of REMIENKO constructions, Peter Remienko is a fucking grub for his treatment of card-carrying contractors, who are also grubs for not paying their union fees on time.

“Mate. These blokes might be grubs but they aren’t scabs” he roars.

“And we stand with them. You grubs need to get your shit together or we’ll be marching the streets of the CBD yelling out the word grub”

However, Mr Remienko says that it’s Rametti and his colleagues who are the grubs, and he has other unions who aren’t necessarily involved in this project that agree with him.

“Mate, you and your whole organisation are grubs. Everyone knows it. Union grubs”

Prime Morrison, however, says it’s the unions who are the grubs – and that they are so grubby it’s almost worth him and his colleagues saying ‘shame’ in unison.

By the meeting’s end the grub count was recorded at 19,460 – just two hundred more than the 2013 State Of Origin commentary, after Paul Gallon’s grubby punch on Nate Myles.

However, these brief record has since been bumped by a flutter of new sprays in rugby league forums around the country following the questionable tactics of South Sydney’s Burgess brothers in recent weeks, with the Sydney Roosters fans expected to break the world record for ‘grubs’ tonight at the SCG.


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