A local air conditioner mechanic by the name of Chayce Bordin is this week contemplating the lay of the land.

The late 20-something reserve grader who harboured dreams of playing professional footy at some point in his teenager years, says he’s wondering if it might not be too late.

This comes after the man with a sizeable bumper bar watched Valynce Te Whare light up Lang Park over the weekend.

Debuting for the location ambiguous Dolphins, the young Kiwi bagged a double and tore the Cronulla Sharks to pieces with his deceptively agile frame.

Weighing in at 117kgs, the bloke who hadn’t played Rugby League until a year ago wowed a packed magic round crowd, with ability to do some incredible things despite looking like he’d turned up to play after a morning of concreting.

Valynce Te Whare was reportedly scouted from Kiwi club footy a couple of years ago, with the Dolphins bringing him over to be a groundskeeper at the stadium.

After tearing up training and the Queensland State competition, Valynce was handed a Dolphins debut in a true Rugby League fairytale.

And it’s a fairytale that has made waves all around the country, with Betoota Heights man Chayce Bordin reportedly considering give it another go.

“Look, I could never run the hundred in 11 even flat, but I’ve got a similar frame to big Val,” mused Bordin this afternoon.

“And, I’ve got silky hands that aren’t usually made for guys like me,” he laughed.

“Maybe if I give it one last push, the Dolphins recruiter will be able to see my untapped power, pace and prowess and call me over East.”

“I’m only playing Ressies cause I don’t turn up to training, but if I could put in one more big season and pre-season, who knows what I could be.”

“Rugby League is a fairytale sport, maybe it’s my time for a fairytale.”

More to come.


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