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Craig Anderson (34)  reckons today is the best day of the year.

Forget Christmas, “the Super Bowl is where it’s at dude,” claims Anderson.

However, while the gung-ho accounts manager at a local Betootan asset property firm has been stomping around the office letting out a chorus of “Woooo’s” and “Let’s go baby,” he told The Advocate that he made sure to get the casual clothing signed off.

“Yeah, man I just went over to Phil [the boss] and explained how much this day means to me and pretty much begged him to let me wear my Pats jersey,” he said.

“He was sweet with it, so that was cool. I was tempted to ask about bringing some ‘Buds’ in but I knew that was too far,” he laughed.

Craig’s boss explained to reporters that “although the mufti attire was technically against company policy”  – he was happy to make an exception for Craig today – because the vibrant property management firm is all about a social atmosphere.

“That’s the beauty of our office environment. We all have personalities and things we love. So I am happy to let Craig come in his jersey, cause yeah we like to let our hair down and have a bit of fun.”

“I wore my Blues Jersey in last year during Origin. Stuff like that is really great for the office atmosphere.”

“Until our WIP meeting at quarter past 1, Craig is free to wear whatever NFL jersey he wants”

“In exchange for some tips so that I can put on a few bets into the sportsbetting app that I hide from my wife because I have a history of discreet problem gambling [haha]”

Abby Matheson, the poor woman who has to sit across from Craig in the open plan office told one of our reporters that she thinks she might be going home sick this afternoon.

“I don’t care that he is doing anything. I’m not doing anything. My body doesn’t have a single endorphin in it after the weekend. But I wish he would shut the fuck up. No one else cares. He should have just taken the day off and gone to the pub,” she said.


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