The Penrith Panthers are under fire this morning, after allegations that the three-time NRL champions made a coordinated effort to ruin the good looks of the only handsome bloke in the game.

Brisbane Broncos heart-throb Reece Walsh has suffered a facial fracture in a nasty bump with Taylan May last night, a collision that has left him with stitches right across his beautiful boyish face.

Walsh collided head-first with Taylan May in the opening minutes of the match, dampening the Broncos efforts to make a go of a match that they ended up losing 34-12 in front of hysterical Panthers fans in Penrith.

May was controversially penalised for the contact and put on report. However, there is nothing the NRL judiciary can do that will satisfy the NRL’s furious female audience.

“Throw the book at him!” roars local Betoota woman, Shirley Koletti (32, HR) as her timid boyfriend tip toes around the house.

“Look how they massacred my boy!”

It is not yet certain how long Walsh will spend on the sidelines with this injury, but the nation’s girlfriends – who have only just gotten used to the very recent advantafge of having a bit of eye candy to sweeten the arduous task of watching football with their partners – have today sworn a lifelong grudge against the Penrith Panthers for the callous actions of Taylan May.

“The Penrith Panthers just made a very powerful enemy” says local stay-at-home-mum, Debbie Linstone (43).

“I will never, ever forgive them for this”

“I do not care how charming Nathan is, or how much of a silverfox daddy Ivan is.”

“They have taken something from all of us”


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