Football media identity Sam Newman is actually quite a cunt, like you had always thought, that’s according to heartbreaking new documentary that was aired on commercial television last night.

The documentary found that Australia as a whole is a pretty good judge of character, and were actually pretty bang on when they thought his wine-drunk sense of shock factor humour wasn’t really up to Fatty Vautin standards.

Newman was a central figure in the film, The Final Quarter, which was compiled entirely of archival footage from The AFL’s most shameful season that saw the premature resignation of footy superstar Adam Goodes – because of the game’s racist undercurrent that was supercharged by the likes of this particular cunt.

The documentary included clips of Newman’s self-congratulatory monologues on The Footy Show, where he talked shit about Goodes and threw fuel on this embarrassing southern cultural deficit. His cuntiness drew a strong response from viewers.

While other subjects of the documentary come across as cunts, like Eddie McGuire and the entire supporter base of the Fremantle Football Club, no one seems to be quite as big of a cunt as Newman

Viewers took to social media to denounce Newman for being racist, because that wasn’t already common knowledge when he appeared in full blown blackface on The Footy Show pretending to be Nicky Winmar.

Collingwood fans are also cunts.

More to come.


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