A man who has simply stopped going to work because he is prone to an aching wrist says modern football is for a bunch of cotton wool wusses.

Nathan Stockdale (38) from the Western Corridor region of south-east Queensland says he doesn’t know why players these days even bother, considering they can’t even drop the shoulder anymore.

“It’s just embarrassing. There’s none of the tough stuff anymore, everyone is so worried about getting injurted”

“And don’t get me started on the carry-on when they actually do get injured”

After racking up $400,000 in compensation and taking four years on the couch for a work-related RSI injury as a cold caller at a nearby furniture wholesaler, Nathan says he’s had to battle with insurers for every cent.

“Mate, most insurers say nerve problems to the upper limbs are hereditary rather than work related”

“It’s bullshit. I got this repeatedly strained wrist on the job because of the dodgy chairs those cheap pricks put me in”

“The desk was too high as well”

“I didn’t have the team of medics rubbing salts under my nose when I eventually did faint because of the paint in my wrist”

“These blokes are soft”


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