Apparently local account director, Zane Shearer, is really into the American baseball competition of MLB.

His co-workers made this discovery on Monday, when he went to the effort of decking out his desk space with seemingly brand new LA Dodgers merchandise.

This news comes a shock to many in his office, as most of his colleagues just assumed that he wasn’t interested in any form of professional sport.

Kelly, from the neighbouring desk to Zane’s, says that he is definitely not an athlete.

“We’ve played mixed touch as an office before and he was just flat out woeful,”

“He’s made a few comments about how he didn’t play rugby or cricket when he was younger because he wasn’t ‘that into it’ – I think he’s really just making up this LA Dodgers thing to save face during the sports-heavy conversations at staff drinks”

However, Zane won’t be moved from his ‘lifelong’ love of Major League Baseball.

“GO LA!” he shouts.

“I’m not really into cricket or football. At least the Australia versions of it. I don’t mind NFL, but yeah baseball has always really been my thing,”

With his ‘team’ losing the world series in their final match of the season, Zane says he has high hopes for them next November.

“I’m really think they’ll score some huge RBI’s in the next few matches,”

“The pitchers are bowling really well at the moment,”

“Go LA!”


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