With the effect of concussions and head injuries has been a topical area for contact sports over the last few years, club rugby legend Bill Watson (36) has come out today and cleared things up, stating that anyone who goes off the field with a head knock is “soft”.

The twenty year veteran of the front row told the Advocate that “back in my day you would never fucking live it down if you went off with one of them head knocks.”

“What do they call them now, “concussions?”  Mate, staggering around with blurred vision and trying to tackle blokes is part and parcel of the greatest game on earth,” he said.

“Once I got knocked out cold for 2 or 3 minutes, but I didn’t go off. I  got up and ripped in, because that’ what it takes to be a man,” says the young father of three who has forgotten school pick up twice this week.

Despite the fact you often don’t feel pain at the time immediately after a hit inducing concussion; Watson claimed that “playing through it is the way you prove you are a true clubman”

Whilst it is now commonly known amongst doctors and non-players  that concussion can have devastating long-term effects on the brain and it’s cognitive function, Watson says he just doesn’t buy it.

Although he admits he forgot his nephews name the other day, and often struggles to tie his shoe laces, he wouldn’t change a thing.

The rationale was supported by 65-year-old Chris Thompson, a fellow legend at his suburban football club this afternoon.

The early-onset dementia sufferer and recently retired third grader said that the best medicine for curing a headache from concussion is “a couple of cold tins straight after the game” to take “the edge off it.”



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