With a 32-0 thumping of the Gold Coast Titans at home, The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs shone brightly like the sun off the skulls of their excited fans over the weekend.

Round 3 of the NRL Premiership saw Multicultural Round come to the most multicultural home-ground in the entire competition, with every single variation of Eastern Mediterranean Australian and a handful Fijians cheering feverishly for their beloved doggies.

As in previous years, the Bulldogs hosted a cultural extravaganza as the sidelines pumped with Lebanese drums and Polynesian pop music for every break in play. Heavy American rap music was also playing every time a Titans debutant got chopped in a late hit off the kick off.

In fact, the crowd was so diverse that there was even one bloke with a full head of hair and a visible jawline.

Local Bankstown boy Benny Circa (28) appeared on the TV coverage at least 6 times throughout the match, as NRL broadcasters made a point of highlighting that not every single male Bulldogs fan is 20-30 thirty kilos overweight with a balding head and goatee.

With every single other Bulldogs fan carrying the type of spare tyre that suggests they were once great at sport but gave it up when they had kids or got injured, Benny stands out in the crowd by being over 6 foot tall with a BMI of 18.5

Furthermore, Benny is also employed in a frontline services role – shattering the stereotype that every single doggies fan must work for a succesful family-owned construction company that is currently riding high on the Sydney property boom.

“Dunno really” says Benny, attempting to explain his highly unique occupation and physical appearance.

“I guess I just liked the idea of being a paramedic. So I decided that’s what I’d do for a job”

“And I was good at sport as a young bloke, but decided to keep up the fitness regime even after I turned 25”

However, despite his unprecedented departure from the traditional Doggies fan archetype. Benny still most definitely does adhere to certain cliches.

“Yeah I arrived here on the hill with a handmade sign that directly references the 2004 Premiership. I even included a hand-drawn cartoon of Willie Mason when he had an afro”

“Couldn’t help myself.”

“20 years later and I can feel the drums of war in the distance. The dogs of war that is”

“[obnoxious barking sounds]”



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