8 April, 2016. 10:30


In his second open letter this week, star Brumbies flanker, David Pocock has today penned yet another heartfelt apology.

This time it was to his wife of 6 years, Emma Palandri.

The second letter follows the Wallabies star finding himself in a situation that only he and, well, most other men in the world have been in.

It appears that while watching yet another hippy plant documentary with his wife on Wednesday night, Mr Pocock briefly left the couch to clear way for more pear cider, by urinating in the couples shared Canberra bathroom. 

Like many men before him, Mr Pocock forgot to put the seat down. It is unclear at this time whether or not it was the 27-year-old, or his wife, who later returned to restore the toilet back to its original state.

The Apology follows in full:


This morning, as I pen this letter with tears in my eyes, I fear I have placed a black mark over my name. A mark written in permanent marker, you know the ones that you can never fully clean off, even like scrubbing it leaves a smudge, anyway.

On Wednesday night I believe I did not live up to the marital standards that I continually try to hold myself to. It saddens me to say that a series of poor decisions made by myself has resulted in our toilet seat being left up, putting you in a potentially dangerous (or at the very least, mildly discomforting) situation.

Having gone to the bathroom to wee, and against my best judgment, I decided to stay standing instead of sitting down like I normally do. Strike one. To reduce the chance of residual seat splash, I decided to lift the toilet seat. Strike two.

And, as we were watching a Jacques Mitsch’s documentary film ‘In the Mind of a Plant’ – I rushed back to the lounge room as quick as I could. Forgetting to place the toilet seat back in its natural resting position. Strike Three.

In a world where little is certain and danger is fraught, I, a highly trained professional footballer, and a well mannered husband, could not provide a safe haven for you. For that I am sorry.

Yours in sorrow,

Reactions to his most recent outpour have been mixed to say the least. But one thing is for certain, David Pocock sits down to pee. Also, he seems to love issuing heartfelt apologies for things that aren’t really that big of a deal.

Pocock’s gentlemanly behaviour has been known to irate his Wallabies team mates, who dread to room with him on tour. Steven Moore has said that David is often known to watch him wake up, and then apologise profusely for waking him up.

For more information about David Pocock and his family, go here.




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