Two weeks after the inaugural NRL Vegas Round, and it seems the people of Nevada are still hosting some of the rowdiest Australian sports fans to ever board an international flight.

And the Aussie blood sports continue this week, as our athletes swap a rugby league oval for an octagon.

In this Sunday’s UFC Vegas 88 main event, Western Sydney heavyweight Bam Bam Tuivasa and the Polishman Marcin Tybura will finally meet, after the pair were originally scheduled to fight back at UFC 298.

However, a reshuffle in the fight cards means the showdown has been moved from LA to Las Vegas, just weeks after the city played host to four NRL clubs and 40,000 cashed up fans.

And it seems the historic party that was NRL Vegas Round has not entirely finished, as Bam Bam Tuivasa stumbled across a hungover and weary Sydney Roosters hooker Brandon ‘Cheese’ Smith, who he found aimlessly wandering the city’s streets this morning.

“Cheese?!” exclaimed Bam Bam.

“What are you still doing here bruz?”

Brandon Smith, excited to see a familiar face from back in Sydney, responded with a baritone rendition of Elvis Presley’s iconic 1964 song named after their host city.

“VIVAAAAA LAS VEGAS!!!’ roared Cheese.

Tuivasa, still very much in the midst of his pre-fight preparations, was not as excitable as Cheese.

“Cuz” he said.

“Where are your shoes?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be playing Manly this weekend? In Sydney?!”

Cheese dismissed Tuivasa’s concerns, and began making plans to keep the party going.

“What’s the move my uso?” said Smith.

“Should we hit the tables?!”

“I was at ZOUK nightclub last night. That place slaps. I only just left actually haha”

Tuivasa, a former Sydney Roosters reserve player himself, quickly realised it was upon him to save Cheese from himself.

“You stay there” said Bam Bam, as he walked away to make a phone call.

After several minutes of muffled conversation, the heavyweight fighter returned to the asphalt car park.

“I just spoke to Freddy” said Bam Bam.

“Uncle Nick is sending Friendy over in the private jet to get you”

Cheese appeared deflated by this news.

“Can we hit the pokies one last time”

Bam Bam growled.

“Fuck no cunt. I’ve gotta sober you up. You’re coming for a spar with me in the gym”


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