Work colleague Tracey Rhiannon (34) may have overstepped some boundaries this week by telling younger co-workers they “need to see the world” – like she did when she spent three weeks blind drunk in Europe ten years ago.

Aged beyond her years, Rhiannon occasionally feels the need to state that her age makes her a wise and experienced individual and not a grumpy old lady full of unwarranted information that her younger colleagues in no way asked for.

“When I went to Greece it was still actually Greece,” stated Rhiannon, referring to the 31 hours she spent in Athens switching between drunk and hungover.

“Happy memories. I think.”

Colleagues of Rhiannon report her travel recommendations consist mostly of whatever Lonely Planet says is good that year and the pubs she got smashed in on the Contiki tour she took back when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister for the first time.

“I have a travel bug, I booked my next cruise on my last cruise!”

In an exclusive with The Advocate, Rhiannon revealed more about her recent travel history which consists entirely of cruises she takes with her friend Christine, documented by a series of pairs portraits on her desk, each with increasing levels of slack-eyedness.

“That one [P&O 2013] I don’t know if we even left the boat! I don’t remember taking that photo! Haha, it was great.”


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