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A woman who was hardballed into attending a drum and bass gig over the weekend has been left asking quite a lot of questions, having only been to music festivals like Groovin The Moo and Laneway in the past.

Avery Young, 24, tells The Advocate that she’d decided to give it a go after one of her friends was left attending the gig on her own after a mate bailed last minute.

Despite not being to her tastes, Avery says she was pleasantly surprised by how lovely everyone was, and how easy it was to get an overpriced vodka Redbull.

“I’ve been to a few festivals before, and getting a drink was always a nightmare”, explains Avery, “but at this gig, everyone just seemed to be on the waters?”

“I guess drum bass people aren’t super into alcohol.”

“…but they sure seem into sex!”

Seeing our reporter’s confused expression, Avery explains that all the portaloos were chock full of frangas.

“There were so many, why on earth would you want to do it in there, of all places?”

“Bit unhygienic.”

“But yeah, everyone was so nice. Like, honestly the nicest crowd I’ve ever met.”

When asked if she’d go again, Avery enthusiastically nods her head.

“Hell yeah.”

“This one bloke handed me these glasses that made me feel like I had astigmatism.”

“How cool is that?”

More to come.


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