Pam Jensen today started questioning her choices, after a particular incident at work left her feeling a bit hot under the collar.

The 30-year-old legal administrator had been reprimanded by the CFO for misplacing a document, and instantly felt herself feeling more attracted to him.

“I wasn’t really into Rob but since he got promoted he just seems different,” says Pam.

“Maybe it’s because he’s got that whole silver fox thing going on?”

Rob, a fifty-three-year-old father of two with a beer gut and a receding hairline, is known more for his penchant for yellow mustard ties than his charm, but Pam doesn’t seem to notice.

“Or maybe it’s the suits,” said Pam.

“I do love a man in a suit.”

Pam’s long-suffering friend Laura, revealed that this isn’t the first incident she’s witnessed.

Having known her since high school, Laura says Pam used to crush on the history teacher.

“We went to an all-girls school so we only had one male teacher,” said Laura.

“His name was Mr. Creeley and he had this weird hump and a bung leg. Pam thought he was cute.”

Laura says the weird crushes continued as they got older.

“Yeah once we got pulled over for a broken taillight and Pam wouldn’t stop talking about the police officer for days. She reckons he brushed her hand on purpose when she gave him her licence.”

“And don’t get me started about the time she got a pat-down at the airport.”

Pam has reportedly taken a good look inwards and is making an effort not to act on her impulses.

However, this decision comes at a time that might prove a little difficult.

“I’ve decided to go back and finish my studies,” said Pam.

“I’d like to get out of administration and practice law myself.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to university so hopefully the professors won’t be too hard on me.”


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