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A 26 year old woman who’s sick of defending herself for not having a licence is beyond thrilled with the skyrocketing petrol prices, which now gives her the ultimate excuse next time someone has a go at her.

Tayla Hendricks is alleged to have felt pretty smug about the whole petrol saga, despite having to cop a surcharge whenever she ordered an Uber. As her friends continuously lamented the fact that they were pretty much haemorrhaging money, seeing as everything from Woolies chicken to shitty houses in the middle of bumfuck idaho was increasing in price, all Tayla could do was smile and attempt to sympathise. But god did it feel good to finally turn the tables.

“Aw that sucks guys”, says Tayla, “this is why I don’t drive.”

“But I sympathise with you all, I really do.”

When challenged that high petrol prices wasn’t the real reason, considering she’d been putting it off for years, Tayla quipped back that it had everything to do with her hesitance to drive – and not because she just couldn’t be bothered.

“No really, I was honestly thinking about going for my licence but I really can’t afford fuel and rego on top of renting in the city.”

“Like maybe when I’m making more money I can afford lessons. It’s just all too much now, not in this economic climate.

It’s alleged that when one of her mates later suggested teaching her, Tayla was seen quickly changing the topic to Russia’s effect on crypto, which was met with a series of sighs as everybody admitted they’d stopped looking at their portfolio months ago.

More to come.


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