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A lecturer at the Betoota University in the town’s Old City District has been caught off guard today.

This comes after the law lecturer was rattled by laughter from the crowd of students he was taking through some course material.

Acker Demic (69) was left speechless this afternoon after realising that he had made the 30% of the course who actually attend his lectures giggle.

He explained that he was in total shock when he realised that he had actually landed a joke, which caused the laughter.

“Yeah, I was rattled, like some bunny politician in the hot seat in front of Leigh Sales,” he said.

After a long and storied career as a university employee, Demic said that he had long ago stop expecting anyone to laugh at his appalling one-liners.

“I’m used to the fact that only the mature aged student who wears a flat cap laughs at my jokes. The old English style flat caps, not the ones worn by people who like to break glasses on other people’s heads.”

“So that’s why I forgot what I was saying to the students when they actually gave me some credit for a one-liner.”

“It was just some dumb dad joke about the nature of Tort Law changing more frequently than our country’s Prime Ministers.”

“Ah well, I’m just glad some of them were listening I guess.”


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