A local woman has filed another complaint with her husband today.

This comes after the Betoota Heights local stared half a dinner’s worth of risotto in the face this morning.

“You are fucking kidding,” she sighed

“I put this glorified mister on last night before bed,” she continued as she contemplated pulling individual somewhat clean items out of the dishwasher before putting it back on again.

“And look, all of the dishes are covered in shit.”

“Argh, this thing’s always breaking.”

Our reporter then asked if she ever rinses her dishes before putting them in the washer.

“No. What’s the point of washing them twice? I may as well just hand wash them to start off with,” said the woman who gave up on that process when she moved out of her last dishwasher-less sharehouse 3 or 4 years ago.

“The dishwasher is supposed to clean them.”

“But look, it’s more caked-on now than when I put in there before.”

She then closed the dishwasher, turned it on, and hoped for a different result this time around.

More to come.


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