As styles continue to grow and change, tattoos remain etched on human skin as if to say to would-be admirers ‘yes, I lived through this time, and yes, I was cool.’

Tattoo artistry is an ancient practice with roots in various cultures that continue to this day from the intricate lines of Māuri tā moko to the swirling colours of Japanese irezumi.

But these days, just a bit of toast with a face on it does the trick as traditional tattoo artistry makes way for a good harmless dose of being silly.

Although most young people will remind their older family members that ignorance is bad, ignorant tattoos, monochromatic illustrations featuring thin lines and just a bit of fun, are very much considered cool.

Inspired by the sort of rogue tattoos you wake up with after getting on the turps with a mate who owns a tattoo machine, ignorant tattoos let strangers know you like to party and don’t mind the odd whoopee cushion now and again.

“This one is kind of an inside joke,” stated silly tattoo owner James Coolidge, pointing to a paragraph on his wrist about croissants.

“This one is an inside joke too. So is this one. And this one. This one is also an inside joke.”

“You had to be there for this one.”

“Oh but this one – ha! Actually, it’s probably too hard to explain but it’s a funny looking horse!”


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