In a heartwarming turn of events, a talkative West African Uber driver, Umaru Hasani (37), expressed astonishment at the unexpected bond he formed with a group of young passengers who were, in his own words, “In a very cheerful and positive mood”.

The young group, who were reportedly intoxicated and under the influence of MDMA, were making their way to a house party when they hopped in their uber.

The group was greeted by Umaru, a veteran taxi driver turned Uber driver that loves his job and making conversation with all walks of life, imparting his wisdom onto his passengers whenever called upon.

Umaru had no idea that on this occasion his knack for lively conversation and a group of young people on MDMA would combine to make one of the most jovial uber rides in his entire career.

“One of the young gentlemen was very impressed with my football club logo hanging from my mirror.” Said Umaru.

“Oh my god no way bro do you support Arsenal? that’s actually so sick to meet a fellow gooner, it’s crazy we might actually win it this year.” Said Myles Lowe (24) one of the passengers.

Despite some disagreements with calling it soccer or football, the two went on to an in depth analysis on why Arsenal is the true club of London.

“Who was that driver? He actually gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever heard” Said Daani Towney (24) another passenger.

“I was venting about my ex and he simply looked back and told me I must love myself before I look for love, it was so profound at the time I almost shed a tear.”

“I couldn’t believe it!” Umaru explained.

“Usually these young people just want to be on their phones, but something about this ride was different, I can’t put my finger on it”

“Whatever it is, I really hope to see more of this attitude in our young people in the future.”


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