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A Betoota Heights mum has today confirmed that a shopping trip at Westfields is not complete without doing her boomer self care ritual, which is doing a double shift supporting not one but two chain food restaurants – The Coffee Club and Soul Origin.

Chatting to our reporter Effie, who couldn’t be bothered coming into work today, Kate Cunningham, 52, explains why she will never, ever deviate from her routine.

“I’ve been going to The Coffee Club for years, I honestly couldn’t imagine going anywhere else”, laughs Kate, as she picks up a 350ml mugachino cup that is already covered in decorative lipstick stains before she’d had a sip, “I usually get a coffee and a scone, maybe one of the flat grills if I’ve feeling naughty.”

“I have to be a lot more careful after menopause, all I have to do is look at food and I gain three kilos.”

“Something for you to look forward to, Effie!”

Rifling through her phwallet (phone wallet) for a loyalty card, Kate goes on to explain that she likes to complete her shopping with a salad at from Soul Origin.

“They usually have some specials on, so I grab myself a little treat before I go home.”

(Treat, as in referring to salad).

“Might spoil myself and get a bit of the pesto pasta salad this time.”

More to come.


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