Over the last several months it appears that Betoota Ponds local, Shawn Thomas (26), has relayed his ongoing custody battle to the world, using the social media platform known as Facebook.

In the most recent string of posts, Shawn takes aim at not only his ex Hayleigh, but also her two-faced friends and the new putrid dog that’s living with her now at her parent’s place.

“Doin my head in! People talking shit about me as a father and I’m the only one paying for shit! Kyal reckons Sharny calling this new bloke daddy too. Like your freinds are good influeneces. Just wanna see my kids” writes his most recent status, which has been liked by all the boys and a couple of relatives.

Not only is this putrid dog that Hayleigh has been seeing unemployed, but he also has a bad track record of fucking people over and Shawn is quick to point out that his cousin Ryleigh use to hang around that crowd and even knows that this bloke is no good.

“Exposeing my kids to that kind of shit !” writes Shawn, alluding to possible drug use or problem drinking.

“I’m no saint by no means but at least I don’t bring that stuff home!”

While experts say this kind of social media oversharing is never going to help someone’s case in the family courts, Shawn says it’s really been helping him ‘get a few things of his chest’


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