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DOUG PARSONS IS THE TYPE of bloke who’d walk into any pub down in the big smoke and light up a dart. He walks through every door dick first and refuses to apologise.

When he’s at work out west retrieving cattle out of the bush under helicopters and around motorbikes, his weapon of choice has always been a trusty pair of Ariats.

But the 24-year-old has turned heads around the camp this morning after he was spotted sporting a pair of RM Williams riding boots on the back of an especially rank pony.

The classic riding boot hasn’t been seen in a stirrup for nearly a decade now, as the fashionable elastic-sided shoe has been relegated to the boardrooms and inner-city footpaths of our capital cities.

“Yeah moite, got a pair of RMs as me town shoes,” said Parsons.

“I dunno, aye. One of my Ariats have a hole in the sole and it’s been raining, you see. I’m sure that I’m not the only spoonhead who hates walking around in wet socks all day, especially when you’re in the yards getting tossed about by fresh bullocks,”

“So I popped on my RMs and went to work on this wookatook blue mare. Cold morning, but. She gave me a bit of cheek, rooting around on the claypan for a bit but she come good. But no wonder no cowboy wears these fucking limp-sided boots on horses anymore, they’re fucked. Not snug at all, if you had a big strong bastard that wanted you off, he’d fucking near buck you right out of your boots.” he said.

Parsons says that while he was pleased to be the first Australian to wear a pair of RMs on a horse since 2005, he doesn’t plan to ever do it again.

More to come.


  1. Get the caption right to start with !!! This is not the foul mouthed Parson’s in the photo and maybe if he new which type of Rm boot to buy he wouldn’t have a pair of dress boots on to ride his horse which probably only pigrooted…


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