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According to the financial services industry, the more a young creative professional spends on a South American holiday, the more they save.

That bit of sage advice is not what spurred Morgan Hatton to tackle the world’s second-most dangerous continent – he looked his friends and family in the eye and said with a straight face: “I want to go sight-seeing and relax.”

Thinking he’d fooled them all, Morgan’s parents laughed and shrugged before explaining to friends that they were young, cashed-up and child-free during the 1980’s – and they know exactly why the 24-year-old has selected Colombia as his first port of call.

“Does he think we’re dumb?” said mother Gwendolyn. “We were young once. Young and wild. He’s just trying to live like his father and I did in the 80’s. Everything that he wants to do here is much, much cheaper over there. I just hope he keeps his head screwed on.”

Echoing his mother’s sentiments was Morgan’s close friend Gregor, who didn’t get his shit together sufficiently to join him on the trip.

Explaining to The Advocate that there’s not much for a young person on that ‘godforsaken continent’ – except a slice of what life was like for young movers and shakers in the 80s.

“Yeah look, he might go see a pyramid or two. Shoot a llama and eat some good Argentinian BBQ,” he said. “But you don’t fly all the way over to that continental ant hill of corruptions, sex, drugs and violence without getting a little Wolf of Wall Street. You simply don’t.”

“He hasn’t fooled anyone.” he said.



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