Two Islander men that have never met each other but might still know the same people have exchanged a unique and exclusive look, often shared by people of Polynesian decent when they recognise that they are both Polynesian.

The two men have made eye contact at the front door of one of Betoota’s most popular night spots, The Duck’n’Weave. Before he has even asked for ID, Sione gives Willie a nod.

Sione Tulli and Willie Kingi both represent both sides of the fence when it comes to pub safety. Sione is currently a rugby boy rolling through town with a skinful of piss and a bunch of obnoxious mates from the suburbs, while Willie is wearing a security ID and earning a wage moderating the behaviour of drunk morons like the one Sione just arrived with.

“Whatsup bro” asks Willie, throwing in the subtle Kiwi lingo to confirm their bond while taking a look at the ID that Sione already had ready for him”

“Whats going on tonight?”

Sione responds in a humble tone, while also utilising this unique connection as an opportunity to get his drunk team mates inside the venue.

“Not much, uce. Just out for a few. These boys are alright”

Willie smiles with a ‘shot bro’ look on his face.

“Make sure you keep an eye on them, aye” he says, while unhooking the nightclub rope

“For sure bro” says Sione.

“You Saa?” Sione asks, in an extra effort to chum up by asking Willie’s exact family background.

“Yeah uce. South Auckland”

The two men then embrace with a lock-it handshake followed by a high pitched giggle.

Willie makes it clear to the rest of Sione’s mates in the line that they will not be receiving any special treatment.


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