Pop sensation P!NK has announced a new Australian tour strategically timed to capitalize on the flourishing industry of messy breakups and brand new independent “yummy mummys”, since her last down-under visit.

Known for her anthems of empowerment, resilience, and feeling like a rock star,  P!NK has identified a lucrative market opportunity in the ever-expanding realm of turbulent divorces and periods of redefinement. The announcement of her Aussie tour,  titled “Come To My Show If You Just Got Divorced” comes as a beacon of hope for those navigating the stormy seas of failed marriages and complicated splits.

“I’ve been looking at the numbers and it looks like there’s been a huge spike in divorces since the Covid pandemic” P!NK declared in a press release. 

“What better time to bring my tour Down Under.”

Industry heads believe that P!NK’s decision to sync her tour with the surge in divorces is nothing short of marketing genius.

“We haven’t seen such a genius music marketing move since the iPod silhouette campaign” said one expert.

It’s still not known why single mums love P!NK so much, or why she’s been able to find such success in Australia in particular, but as far as P!NK’s team is concerned, why fix what isn’t broken.

“We’ve had a great run in Australia, bagging the theme song for Biggest Loser Australia season 2 back in 2007 was a huge win for us, and frankly the success in Australia has only multiplied since.”

“We think divorced suburban mum’s have played a huge role in this.”


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