The game is afoot in a French Quarter share house as a silent standoff over whose turn it was to take the rubbish out has now evolved into a rather fun jenga-style game of balance.

The sharehouse of five, referred to fondly by the tenants as The Crawl Room (we didn’t get it either) usually abides by a strict cleaning roster that they decorated with a portrait of Bob Marley and dubbed The Rasta Roster.

However, with the recent departure of a Genesis housemate, the cleaning roster has gone, along with a good deal of appliances and any sense of order.

It wasn’t long until the bin, which is unhygienically kept next to the Mi Goreng stash, started to overflow.

Although all the tenants of The Crawl Room are human adults capable of problem solving, the only solution they seemed to agree on was to keep topping up the bin with more rubbish.

“It was about that time that bin two started,” stated housemate Viviane Trude who swears she took the rubbish out last time.

“Then bin two got renamed to Bin 2.0 and that ended up being dumped in the original bin.”

Despite all of the housemates unanimously agreeing the rubbish needed to be taken out not a single person was able to either because they did it last time, did not contribute to the mess, or had exams coming up.

The pile of rubbish is alleged to have reached beyond the height of the kitchen counter when house stoner Wiley Grieg tried to make a Buzzfeed Oreo rice pudding, ruined a pot, and had to throw the whole unit in the bin while it was still full of steaming burnt rice.

“By then we all kind of found it a bit funny. We already have fruit flies, so what if there’s a big teetering pile of shit that is taller than me in the kitchen?”

At the time of writing the sharehouse has agreed to treat the bin as some form of protest against their rent raising landlord and will take care of it before their next inspection or moving day.


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