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As everyone rushes to Instagram to post their results and secretly judge each other on their music tastes and dissect listening personality types (the new Myers Briggs?),local businesses have also joined in on the fun, including Carindale’s popular female only fitness gym, Fernwood.

Unsurprisingly, the gym boasts that not only do guests get to avoid the guttural groans of muscle bros squatting their guts out, but they’re also the top 0.01% of P!nk listeners in the country, with an average of 150,567 minutes played – just narrowly coming second to North Lakes wine mum Julie, who’s been to several of P!nk’s shows and has had to replace her P!nk live at Wembley theatre DVD at least three times due to sheer wear and tear. 

Speaking to Fernwood’s manager and lead trainer, Daisy Hewitt, The Advocate asks if they can see themselves updating playlists past 2010, or if they’re content to continue their commitment to the pop rock princess.

“Hmmm, yeah no, I don’t think so”, says Daisy, “we’ve committed to a century long contract to have P!nk’s I’m Not Dead album on repeat.”

“But like don’t get us wrong, that’s not all we play.”

“Sometimes we sprinkle in a little bit of Fergie too.”

More to come.


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