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Christmas is supposed to be a wonderful time of the year that brings the family together to share in moments of joy, but for local woman Isla Ford [32], it’s the day that confirmed her most paranoid suspicions.

Her mother in law hates her. 

Having only dealt with microaggressions until now, Isla had almost convinced herself that Deb’s saccharine demeanour was all in her head and that she’d been too quick to lean into the whole ‘mother in law is the devil’ cliche. Especially seeing as Deb was so good with Jax, even if she did occasionally refer to herself as ‘mami.’

But today the mask has finally come off, and it appears Deb is even more dastardly than Isla could have imagined.

She’s bought a 100 animal sounds LeapFrog, which although is very entertaining and good for educating a toddler, is perhaps one of the most annoying toys in existence, aside from noisy car toys (last year’s Christmas present).

And it appears Jax has taken a particular liking to playing the same animal sound over and over again, as Isla’s personal form of torture.







More to come.


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