The night of night’s for Australia’s Basketball League has gone off with out a hitch, it can be confirmed today.

Taking place in the bottom floor meeting room of somebody’s office down in Sydney, the National Basketball League (NBL) reportedly rolled out the red carpet to help its players celebrate another blockbuster season.

With all of the stars in from around the country, one of the players reportedly took the company card and ordered a bottomless supply of Meat Lovers pizzas for the crowd.

“With the cheesy crust too,” laughed the player in question.

“Put in a bulk order of Rivets from Aldi as well, and made sure we had a few Fraiser Briggs for the winners of the awards to enjoy.”

Sydney superstar Xavier Cooks took home the big award of the night, winning the Andrew Gaze award for the most valuable player.

The award was presented to the Kings player by the Federal Minister for Immigration Tony Burke.

Cooks was given a $100 BWS voucher and a free year’s worth of Dominoes Value Pizzas as an added reward for his exploits.

With the Rivets flowing and pizzas going down a treat, players then moved onto the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel for a few beers before wrapping things up like a Rugby League player cannot.

More to come.


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