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In some heartwarming news, a local bloke has today delicately kissed his cat’s precious little paws, just moments after the moggy was seen furiously trying to cover up its turds in the litter box.

It’s alleged the cute critter was feeling especially smoochy after relieving himself, letting out a pitiful meow as he leapt onto the couch where his owner Kai was working, which prompted him to scoop the affectionate feline into his arms for a little afternoon cuddle.

“Aw what’s wrong little man, do you want some attention?”

“My smoochy boy!”

Snuggling into the paws that have been pressed onto his lips, likely out of either protest for being picked up, Kai was completely unaware he was potentially breathing in a potential toxoplasma infection.

Or at least pink eye.



More to come.


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