With a new batch of potentially cool kids coming through the ranks in his year nine cohort, run-of-the-mill high school student, Haydon Comino (15) has relaunched himself back into the fray, with a vague story about losing his virginity to a girl who goes to another school in another town.

The fact that the girl that Haydon allegedly ‘did it with’ is not known to any of his schoolmates has raised a few questions amongst his female peers

However, his graphic description of ‘how it went down’ has excited his male classmates to the point where no one wants to believe it isn’t true.

“You guys wouldn’t know her. She’s from the coast” he says nonchalantly.

“I met her when I was down there last weekend with my family. She had a house to herself”

“It was no big deal. Apparently chicks on the coast always do that kind of thing”

Haydon’s confidence in relaying this story has resulted in further exaggeration throughout the school halls. Something that he is not too concerned about.

Jeremy, a less-popular male student, says Haydon is nothing short of a legend – after learning about his 45 minute blowjob which turned into full on sex, with a 69 as well.

“The girls at our school are so frigid. I definitely want to go to the coast for New Years”



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