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Whether it be on the topic of immigration, the economy or any other national issue, Bryce Nicols has an opinion on it.

Taking his news from a wide variety of sources, the 41-year-old North Betoota diesel fitter quickly comes to an informed conclusion, which he promptly shares with his 117 Facebook friends.

Highlights from this year include a status swollen with 17 likes, which explained the correlation between the spike in Islamic terrorism in the country and the spike in Islamic immigrants.

“Man Monis, and that other dog who shot that poor bloke in Parramatta? Yeah, tell me that would’ve happened in 1996. No way, mate. Australian’s [sic] need to band together in order to survive this onslaught. This is only the beginning.” he wrote.

Another ominous note the spicy Sagittarius left for his followers made it clear how much influence Israel has over the world economy and what steps the nation can take to remove it.

While admitting that his statements are provocative and raw, Nicols makes no apologies.

“Yeah what, I don’t have a filter. Deal with it,” he said.

“I speak my mind and I speak truth. The best person to lead you through the dark times is a blindman, the best person to lead you through the mad times is a madman.”

More to come.


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